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A Feminist Analysis of Orthodox Dogspotting

The Familiar Strange , November 18th, 2018

Dogspotting, arguably, was a tenuous thematic precursor to real-world crossover Pokémon Go. Instead of catching cutesy pocket monsters, group members went about spotting (and appreciating) as many can…

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Notes on the 14th digital ethnography reading (Haynes 2016)

John Postill , October 18th, 2016

See other posts under Digital ethnography reading group Haynes, N. (2016). Social Media in Northern Chile. London: UCL Press. Summary of Chapter 3, “Virtual posting: the aesthetics of…


Facebook as a window: managing online appearance

Razvan Nicolescu , July 31st, 2015

Shop window in Grano (Photograph by Razvan Nicolescu) A particularly common way that many people in the Italian field site thought about Facebook was by comparing it to a shop window (vetrina…

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