Tag: Socio-Environmental Justice

Phantoms within and beyond the Frame: Stirrings of Justice amidst Specters of Rural Capitalism

colinhoag , January 18th, 2022

By Rebecca Witter and Dana E. Powell [1] § Structural racism combines with the toxic wastes from industrialized capitalism to haunt the rural lowland landscapes of eastern North…


The Sacrifice Zones of American “Energy Independence”: Pipeline and Refinery Expansion in the Chicago Region

therezamiller , August 16th, 2018

By Graham Pickren, Roosevelt University § The United States is seemingly on its way to “energy independence.” Since the oil price increases and gas lines of the 1970s shocked…


Commentary: Toxic Bodies, Part II

colinhoag , May 8th, 2018

By Kristina Lyons, University of California, Santa Cruz § The president of the communal action committee whom I call Doña Marta ushered me to a more secluded corner behind…


Weeds, Herbicides, and Bodies: Emerging Entanglements in Toxic Agricultural Landscapes

colinhoag , March 8th, 2018

By Tony VanWinkle, Sterling College § Dedicated to the memory of Jackie Dill. Pigweed. Photo by author. Shortly after the unexpected death of friend and mentor Jackie Dill, I…


Commentary: Toxic Bodies, Part I

colinhoag , February 22nd, 2018

By Mónica Salas Landa, Lafayette College § Oil infrastructure, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico. Image by author. ‘‘How do you feel living right across from the oil and gas complex?’’ I…


Human-Animal Encounters at the Park

therezamiller , August 18th, 2016

By Shay Perryman, Ana Cruz, and Justin Brady § Woodward Park lies on the northwest edge of Fresno in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is California’s fifth largest city…


Anthropology Beyond the Tap: From Flint, Michigan to California’s Central Valley

therezamiller , August 16th, 2016

By Alexa Becerra-Almendarez, Emily Wolff, and Lemual Wheatley § Imagine you are thirsty. You go to the sink to pour yourself a glass of water, but you stop abruptly;…


Drought and Culture: From the Yard to the Farm

therezamiller , August 12th, 2016

By Alfred Lopez, Yeng Vang, and Chong Vang, California State University, Fresno § We hurriedly walked through a middle-class Fresno, California neighborhood. The City of Fresno and Fresno County are…


An “Ecological Path” in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park: On the Reflexivity of Oil Infrastructure

Chitra , April 20th, 2016

By Peter Taber, Arizona State University § Satellite imagery of a small section of the Block 31 road entering the Apaika platform area, taken in 2013. Imagery courtesy of…


Tactics of Power and Empowerment in Knowledge-Making Infrastructures

Chitra , March 28th, 2016

By Kirk Jalbert, Manager of Community Based Research & Engagement, FracTracker Alliance and Visiting Research Professor, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Drexel University § Energy extr…