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Roam If You Want To

You already know how to use Roam Research, the new note taking app taking the internet by storm. You don’t need to …


The Dawn of Digital Therapeutics

A techno-optimistic attitude tells us we’re living at an inflexion point where care practices are being transformed by technology. Monitoring and attending …


quake champions resources

Just a collection of helpful resources for Quake Champions, created by members of the community:    The ↑Guide for Optimizing Fun in …

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Free video analysis tools

Free video (& audio) analysis and transcription tools, partly collected via the VISCOM list serv. AQUAD 7 is a software for qualitative …

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废俗 | Junklore

“Redundant information, calculated as, say, the number of stickers in corners, on walls, on lampposts that it takes to build cognizance of …

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brandnew ancient games

Obviously I am not at all informed, let alone up to date—granted. But then again this wasn’t really to be expected. Not …

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