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Amy Garey takes the page 99 test

| , December 21st, 2020

 Page 99 of my dissertation ends with a quote from a 2019 comedy festival, “KVN is, KVN lives, KVN will continue to live!” It sums up one of…

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Conversation with Francisco Martinez on his work on post-socialist ruins

Francisco Martínez , October 21st, 2020

Interview-review of Remains of the Soviet Past in Estonia (Winner of the Early Career Scholars Award 2018 of the European Association of Social Anthropologists) Keiti Kljavin, Lecturer at…


Book Review: Fragile Conviction: Changing Ideological Landscapes in Urban Kyrgyzstan by Mathijs Pelkmans

Rose Deller , April 11th, 2018

In Fragile Conviction: Changing Ideological Landscapes in Urban Kyrgyzstan, Mathijs Pelkmans offers an ethnography of everyday life in a former mining town in southern Kyrgyzstan that focuses on the…

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Casting into the Cosmos: Magic and Ritual in Human Spaceflight (Part 2)

Taylor R. Genovese , July 6th, 2017

In Part 1, I wrote a gonzo ethnography about my experience at a rocket launch in Florida. For Part 2, I will be utilizing historical records, museum didactic…

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