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Emergent Anthropology: Reimagining U.S. Medical Anthropology in Theory and Practice by Ellen Rubinstein

Ellen Rubinstein , January 20th, 2021

The American Anthropological Association website identifies four subfields of anthropology (archaeology, biological, cultural, linguistic) and reserves a separate section for “applied and practicing …


Anthropological tools in stakeholder management

Marek Tobota , June 21st, 2018

In the corporate environment, stakeholders have the strongest presence in the context of investor relations or CSR activities. Dealing with them is usually the responsibility of Marketing and…

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User Experience Research at SpendWell – My First 3 Months

amysantee , March 3rd, 2015

Three months ago, I started a new job as user experience researcher at SpendWell Health, a start-up here in Portland, OR. SpendWell is building an online marketplace where…


German Lessons

Ted Fischer , August 12th, 2014

           Not so long ago Germany served as a cautionary example for the Anglo-American economies. After the success of the post-war economic mirac…

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