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“We don’t have to whisper”: Fieldnotes from Odesa

Adrienne Mannov , April 5th, 2022

I met Engineer Yakiv[1] on board a merchant ship I had joined just south of Sri Lanka in early 2013. I was there to study seafarers’ perceptions of…

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‘Call to Arms: Silver and Lead’ Campaign Review

Tanner Gonzales , March 22nd, 2022

‘Call to Arms: Silver and Lead’ campaign review Posted December 10, 2034 by Julie Annie (staff writer at Génial Gaming)   Answering the Call to Arms (yet again)…

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Who gets to be ‘Myanmar’ at the ICJ?

Judith Beyer , February 19th, 2022

The Myanmar military will appear at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague on 21 February 2022. Their main interest does not lie in defending the…

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Heritage out of control: Is Libation a Prayer?

Mariam Goshadze , February 7th, 2022

Religion as Heritage in Ghana In 2009, Ghana celebrated its 52nd birthday as an independent country with the usual pomp and circumstance. The parade was held at the…

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Street Affects in Kashmir

Bushra Punjabi , January 11th, 2022

This piece offers an ‘inside-out’ perspective on everyday life in a militarized space. As a researcher and a Kashmiri, the writer is struggling to document the ordinary-everyday lives…

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Juan Luis Rodríguez on his book, Language and Revolutionary Magic in the Orinoco Delta

| , November 23rd, 2021

https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/language-and-revolutionary-magic-in-the-orinoco-delta-9781350115767/ Interview by Rusty Barrett Rusty Barrett: First, for those unfamiliar with Venezuela, coul…

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Thomas Bierschenk: On Graeber on bureaucracy

focaal_admin , October 19th, 2021

David Graeber was certainly one of the most cited anthropologists of the early 21st century. More than a year after his untimely death, a substantive conversation about his…


#PoliticalEngagements: Introduction

Fuad Musallam , September 20th, 2021

Ethnography and Political Engagement This Thematic Thread emerged from a workshop organised (online) at the LSE in February 2021, entitled “In the moment and after the fact: Ethnographic…


ResonanceCast #2: Incitement and Coups

Jastinder Kaur , July 30th, 2021

Podcast with Jastinder Kaur and Daniel White, moderated by Ian M. Cook   Allegra Lab · ResonanceCast 2: Incitement And Coups   Referenced articles: Towards an Anthropology of…


Incitement! Incremental Theory for an Imminent Fascism

Towards an Anthropology of Coups

Jastinder Kaur , July 27th, 2021

When is a coup a coup? Reflections on the anthropological study of ‘coups’ There have been more than 200 coups in 95 countries over the last 75 years,…


Janne Heederik: The Voluntarisation of Welfare in Manchester: A Blessing and a Burden

focaal_admin , October 2nd, 2020

As a result of welfare reform and continuing budget cuts, social service agencies in the UK have struggled to make ends meet and match the still-growing demand on…


Abolition and the Colonial Amnesia of Caribbean Prison Systems

Dylan Kerrigan - Opeds/Blogs , August 25th, 2020

The need for alternatives to prisons and prison reform in the Caribbean is long past due IntroductionProcesses of historical erasure scar the Caribbean and remove transhistorical context. …

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Pathways for the Post-COVID New Old World

Maximilian C. Forte , April 30th, 2020

Part 5 of 5 of the COVID-19 Series. Some are openly proclaiming, “you don’t want to waste a crisis,” as they calculate how the crisis could become a…


Allegro vivace… the Italian laboratory, for better or for worse

Alessandro Monsutti , April 7th, 2020

This little essay was conceived wandering in the Swiss countryside. I’m on sabbatical leave and my whole work and travel program has been disrupted by the measures taken…


Eerie desires for the authoritarian state. Covid-19 updates from Italy.

Letizia Bonanno , March 30th, 2020

  I have been – like anyone else in Italy – in quarantine for the past three weeks. Optimistically, Italy will be on lockdown for the next two…


The return of the plague-spreader

Mateusz Laszczkowski , March 24th, 2020

Written in lockdown amid the pandemic, this post speculates about the political and epistemological implications of ‘middle-class’ reactions to the present crisis. It is also a cry of…


On being voices of prudence in times of a pandemic – #Corona

Judith Beyer , March 23rd, 2020

Many academic disciplines have a lot to say these days about COVID-19. There are the medical experts, of course, epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, weighing in on the validity of…


More of The Same: Kazakhstan’s leadership change between ageing leadership and popular discontent, by Luca Anceschi (University of Glasgow)

Luca Anceschi , September 17th, 2019

If there is only one lesson to be learned from Kyrgyzstan’s recent presidential dispute—a chain of tumultuous events that led to the arrest and detention of erstwhile leader…

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#Review: State of Rebellion

Rosalie Allain , July 13th, 2018

In State of Rebellion: Violence and Intervention in the Central African Republic, Louisa Lombard moves away from an anthropological tendency to study the margins and interstices of the…


#Review: The Truth About Crime

Karen Faulk , March 27th, 2018

What is ‘crime’? A social pathology? A violation of social order? The object or raison d’être of law enforcement? How can we best conceive of crime, criminality, and…


Living a good life through infrastructure. A Review of three recent monographs on Central Asia

Botakoz Kassymbekova , March 12th, 2018

This post belongs into a series of posts on the workshop “The Future of Central Asian Studies” organized by Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer and Prof. Dr. Madeleine Reeves…


#Review: The Force of Custom: Law and the Ordering of Everyday Life in Kyrgyzstan

Eva-Marie Dubuisson , January 23rd, 2018

The Force of Custom presents a strongly grounded ethnographic argument for the rethinking of ‘customary law’ as a category in the anthropology of law. How does an understanding…


Call for #Reviews: #AnthroState #Africa

Julie Billaud , January 17th, 2018

As we start into 2018, we seize the opportunity of this post by Thomas Bierschenk and Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan on their influential edited volume States at Work to…