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Redskins Etc. as Racial Stereotypes

Ethnohistory Research, LLC | David G. Lewis, PhD , September 3rd, 2019

Native peoples of the America were thought of in early philosophy as being Red Indians, fitting perfectly into a color wheel of peoples of the earth, White people…

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The Blueberry Wars

Alma Gottlieb , August 1st, 2019

In elementary school, the first “robin red-breast” of spring signaled warmer days, colorful flowers, and a promise that the school year wouldn’t last forever. I considered robins m…

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Goose Lessons

Alma Gottlieb , June 28th, 2019

What can an anthropologist (who specializes in humans) learn from an unlikely species (like a goose)? Plenty, it turns out. My husband and I went goose-banding the other day,…

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Metro hoarding. HCMC.

Re-framing Crime, Violence, and Poverty: new cinematic narratives of Black criminality in Imperial Dreams

ngraulich , October 12th, 2018

Introduction: reframings Redmond (2017) has noted that, in order to garner support for the punitive policies of the War on Drugs, Americans were presented with stories that framed…


Savage System

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , July 4th, 2018

Often, I address white American attitudes towards native peoples. How historians have ignored whole sections of our history, racism and genocide against native peoples, the lack of education…


Images Matter #ThinkingVisually

Nichole Fernández , May 31st, 2017

Though the visual is well established in areas of study like anthropology, many other social science disciplines have been slow to incorporate images into their research. Visual research…


‘Epitome of feminism’: the rise of the social phenomenon of trendy hijabistas

Assma Youssef , October 31st, 2016

Feminism is not an immutable and easily-defined concept. It is conditioned by culture, religion, politics, education and other social factors. The secular-humanist approach to feminism has long domina…


Finding tales to tell

Meike Rottermann , February 22nd, 2016

“Looking for a story? I might just have one!”   With those words, Hikmet, a Turkish friend, invited me for a walk: story hunting in Istanbul. It was…

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What is the difference between a generalisation and a stereotype?

Daniel Miller , January 5th, 2016

All anthropologists would agree that stereotypes cause harm and should be avoided. Yet anthropology mainly consists of generalisations about groups of people: the Nuer do this, the Trobriand…

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Living the reaspora: Afropolitans back home

Jana Gerold Michelle Engeler , April 16th, 2015

Only recently, debates on global mobility of people consider the movement from economically richer to poorer countries, even though this trend increases from year to year. People do…

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What does poverty look like on social media?

Razvan Nicolescu , February 5th, 2015

First, we should keep in mind that low income is not necessarily related to poverty in Grano. I will briefly explain why. Indeed, the unemployment figures for the local…

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From “being a scientist” to “being a curiosity”: a tale amongst egg hunters.

Andrés Forero Rueda , January 10th, 2015

“Listening and watching, that’s what it is about” said Martin with a Frisian accent, who together with Sven, was teaching me about the Frisian tradition of lapwing egg-hunting….

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