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30 Minute Methods at TDTU – Ken Fero

john hutnyk , November 24th, 2021

This has a shaky start because the zoom settings were wacko, But after a minute its much better. Ken Fero talks on obstinate memory under the title: ‘Documentary…


Double Injustice: Media Racism

john hutnyk , July 28th, 2020

Back in 2003 Imogen Bunting, whose birthday it would have been today, wrote this on the film INJUSTICE by Tariq and Ken. To date the film still has…


Gunnersbury Bagh. (Kill your darlings 10)

john hutnyk , April 26th, 2017

[A set of cuts that jettison the last underworked section of the book – residue of a previous plan, now offcuts in the sawdust.] Ethnography as a hobby or…


In the Journals – June 2016

Sean Miller , June 28th, 2016

Welcome back to In the Journals, a monthly review of just a fraction of the most recent academic research on security, crime, policing, and the law. The summer…