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Sujatha Fernandes talks about her new book, Curated Stories

| , January 6th, 2020

https://www.oxfordscholarship.com/view/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780190618049.001.0001/acprof-9780190618049 Interview by Ben Ale-Ebrahim Ben Ale-Ebrahim: What led you to first start thinking about storytel…

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The Illusion of Eternal Independence: Exploring Alternative Approaches to Ageing

guestanthropologist , May 6th, 2019

by Chloe Place ‘Buenas noches’, I say for the fifteenth time, planting the last round of goodnight kisses on everyone’s cheeks. I have spent the evening with a…

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Review: Us

guestanthropologist , April 29th, 2019

**Republished with permission from Tossed Observations Inc.** by Jonathan Craig Suspenseful, cinematically impressive, and majestically scored, Jordan Peele’s latest feature-length effort is, on balan…

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Beth Comstock and 7 truths for the C-suite

Grant , April 4th, 2018

(This post was first published on Medium, April 3, 2018.) Anyone who works as a creative, a strategist, a planner, a story teller, a PR specialist, or a…

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From the Field: Mfuwe, Zambia

cultureandcapitalismblog , February 5th, 2018

by Esther Mulders For the past two years, I’ve been volunteering in Zambia with Studio Zambia, a Dutch non-profit organisation that I co-founded in 2016 and currently co-run….

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Review: Ayya’s Accounts

guestanthropologist , March 13th, 2017

**Review first published in Pacific Affairs 1926, Vol 89 (3): 696-698.** by Geert De Neve Ayya’s Accounts is a most wonderful product of listening, narrating and co-writing between…

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The Power of a Story: I, Daniel Blake

cultureandcapitalismblog , November 24th, 2016

by Tim Perkin Feature Photo: Wikimedia.org I am no avid film fan. I can barely sit through an entire episode of Breaking Bad or Homeland let alone a…

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World Atlas: Story telling & world building made easier

Grant , June 2nd, 2016

“Everyone is talking about story telling, right? This is is what it looks like!” Sunday, we had the extended family over for Memorial Day festivities. I called the older…

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