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Allegra #Summerbreak

Allegra , July 22nd, 2020

Allegra is going on holidays from 22 July to 22 August. We’re happy to continue receiving all your suggestions and submissions while on leave, but are unlikely to…


What’s in Your Bag?

Alexandra Frankel , July 24th, 2017

As the summer fieldwork season winds down, Anthropology News wants to know what you take with you in the field. Whether at an archaeological dig, on big city…

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Whittier College at the end of summer

eli , August 23rd, 2016

I grew up partly in a college town, and I’ve been around college campuses most of my life. One of my favorite times of year is this late-summer empty…


Summer reading lists vs. What Actually Happened

Rex , August 13th, 2015

Ah, summer reading lists: Elaborate plans for personal enrichment and literary sophistication made in the spring and carried out… when? It’s easy to find tons of summer reading…

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Summer Writing: Units of Time

Lindsay Bell , July 27th, 2015

In the 2002 rom-com About a Boy, Hugh Grant plays a well to do bachelor who lives off the royalties of a song his deceased father produced. With no…

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The Art of Being IN: Road tripping, photographing and hanging out in post-soviet Russia #INTERVIEW

Axel Schön , July 22nd, 2015

Yesterday we opened the AVMoFA’s first summer exhibition – Die SommerWende  – and today we are very pleased to meet the artist, Axel Schön, in person and talk…


#SommerWende: Art/Science of #postsocialism

Breaking walls and exploring #borders in the context of #postsocialism

Allegra , July 20th, 2015

Today we are very excited at Allegra – we continue our experimentation with serving you, dear readers, exotic and delicious slow food for thought. This time we created…


Summer Writing: Practice Community

Lindsay Bell , July 3rd, 2015

Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Lindsay Bell In the middle of the teaching term, summer is the far away season where you imagine that all of your academic,…

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