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homunculus Revolts: Re-Figuring the Neurological Subject by Zoë Wool

Zoë Wool , August 21st, 2019

Figuring a Grotesque Norm 1954 Homunculus: Penfield Archives, Osler Library of the History of Medicine This hand drawn illustration rendered in black ink shows two mirror image outlines…


‘A bit of a compromise’: Coming to terms with an emergency caesarean section by Terena Koster

Terena Koster , July 24th, 2017

During the midwife-hosted antenatal class Cath attended in a private hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, where she would eventually give birth, pregnant women were encouraged to name…


David S. Jones’s “Broken Hearts: The Tangled History of Cardiac Care” by Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer Fraser , December 5th, 2016

Broken Hearts: The Tangled History of Cardiac Care by David S. Jones The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013, 336 pages.   My first encounter with David S. Jones’ Broken…