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Don’t make me laugh: How getting it wrong shapes interspecies entanglements in the Batek’s forest

Alice Rudge , October 1st, 2020

“yeʔ kan plŋal!” “lawac!” “hɛy yeʔ leh!” “Don’t laugh!”, “It’s taboo!”, “We shouldn’t!”   Naʔ Srimjam kept admonishing us one afternoon that she, her sister Naʔ Badək, and I,…


Eating Iran: From the delicious to the inedible

Simon Theobald , June 16th, 2019

I was having second thoughts, but pressed on safe in the knowledge that I was performing an act that would raise my esteem in the eyes of those…

→The Familiar Strange

Shitting in Space: Engagements with Cosmic Taboo

Taylor R. Genovese , July 13th, 2017

Last December, I was asked an interesting question on Twitter: “How much poop is on the moon?” After a quick, panicky, existential reevaluation centered on whether my mountain…

→Savage Minds