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Yemen Film 1973

tabsir , May 15th, 2022

This exquisite film was produced in 1973 and filmed in 1972, thus representing Yemen half a century ago. It is now available on Youtube. The filmmakers were Karen…


Researching Islamic Manuscripts

tabsir , November 11th, 2021

Mahmoud Zaki has assembled a major resource on sources for the study of Islamic manuscripts, including links to major digital collections and publications. It can be accessed here….


Picturing the “Enemy”

tabsir , April 3rd, 2021

My friend Karim Ben Khelifa, an award-winning photographic journalist who I met over a decade ago, has produced an extraordinary film (“The Enemy”) on his experience as a…


Ethnographic books for teaching and learning about Medical Anthropology: a list by Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper , December 11th, 2020

I’m an “expert” at overhauling syllabi. At least, I should be. I’ve taught a medical anthropology course almost every term for the past ten years, and no matter…


How to teach anthropology in a pandemic? by João Biehl

João Biehl , May 25th, 2020

“… a deadly pestilence is in our town, strikes us and spares not, and the house of Cadmus is emptied of its people while Black Death grows rich…


Science in Dark Times: a syllabus on science, technology, and medicine under illiberal political regimes by Bharat Jayram Venkat

Bharat Jayram Venkat , March 31st, 2020

Modi, Trump, Bolsonaro: three avatars of a moment marked by the rise of a far-right populism, what many commentators have even described as a revitalized fascism. As I…


Immunity and (Anti-)Vaccination: Histories, Metaphors, Theories – A Syllabus by Travis Chi Wing Lau

Travis Chi Wing Lau , February 13th, 2019

The natural body meets the body politic in the act of vaccination, where a single needle penetrates both. – Eula Biss, On Immunity  In recent years, outbreaks of highly…


How to Pay Attention by Nick Seaver

Nick Seaver , July 30th, 2018

The main challenge in running a seminar on the anthropology of attention is that such a thing doesn’t exist.* While anthropologists often think quite deeply about attention, worrying…


Is Health Activism a Collective Responsibility? by Beza Merid

Beza Merid , June 7th, 2018

During the tumultuous “repeal and replace” frenzy in the spring and summer of 2017, the US House of Representatives and Senate moved quickly to consider bills intended to…


Arabic Dictionaries Online

tabsir , February 28th, 2018

In 1981, while visiting Egypt for a consulting assignment with USAID, I purchased the old Cairo edition of the massive dictionary Tāj al-‘Arūs of Murtaḍā al-Zabīdī (d. 1790)….


Teaching Medical Anthropology by Thomas A Williamson

Thomas A Williamson , January 19th, 2018

I am grateful to those who have shared their medical anthropology syllabi here and thought I would add mine to the mix. There is so much one could…


Making the theoretical practical: Engaging undergraduate students in research methods by Hannah Mohammad

Hannah Mohammad , June 14th, 2017

I am currently an undergraduate student in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. The Department’s UG program offers students the opportunity to…


Bending the Odds: Pedagogy and Dialogue in Large Lecture Courses by Sandra Hyde

Sandra Hyde , May 8th, 2017

As academics in large public research universities, I am always amazed that when we speak of an ideal pedagogy, we speak about our small intimate seminars where we…


Teaching Medical Anthropology by Ari Gandsman

Ari Gandsman , April 19th, 2017

In the decade since becoming a full time professor, medical anthropology has been one of my core courses. I have taught it seven times.  Although the basic structure…


#AnthroForward Post-Election Resources

Anne Kelsey , December 15th, 2016

On December 7th the AAA asked our members to join us in a live discussion on Twitter to share post-election resources and suggest ways we can proactively engage in…

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Syllabus: Nature/Culture Now! by Elizabeth F.S. Roberts

Elizabeth F.S. Roberts , November 4th, 2016

Nature Culture Now!, an upper division anthropology lecture course at the University of Michigan, traces the trajectory of nature/culture debates in American anthropology through modules on race, sex,…


Teaching AAA 2016: “The Authority of Number: On Evidence in Statecraft”

aaaguestcontributor , October 7th, 2016

This is the sixth post in our blog series designed to help you link your teaching with the 2016 Annual Meeting theme, Evidence, Accident, Discovery. The series offers relevant teaching resources…

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Teaching AAA 2016: Teaching evidence in medicine

aaaguestcontributor , August 1st, 2016

This is the fourth post in our blog series designed to help you link your teaching with the 2016 Annual Meeting theme, Evidence, Accident, Discovery. The series offers relevant teaching resources…

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Teaching AAA 2016: Experts on Trial

Anne Kelsey , June 24th, 2016

This is the second post in our blog series designed to help you link your teaching with the 2016 Annual Meeting theme, Evidence, Accident, Discovery. The series offers relevant teaching…

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Teaching AAA 2016: Indexes and Icons

Anne Kelsey , June 7th, 2016

TEACHING THE 2016 AAA ANNUAL MEETING THEME: EVIDENCE, ACCIDENT, DISCOVERY Have you considered linking your teaching with the 2016 Annual Meeting theme, Evidence, Accident, Discovery? This new blog…

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Advanced Course in Arabic Manuscript Studies

tabsir , April 22nd, 2016

Scholars, Scribes, and Readers: An Advanced Course in Arabic Manuscript Studies6-10 June 2016, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK The Islamic Manuscript Association, in cooperation with Camb…


Webinar in Islamic Material Culture “The Rise of an Agricultural Empire”

tabsir , March 9th, 2016

Economy and Material Culture in the Early Islamic Empire Bi-Weekly, Wednesday, 4-6 pm CEST Starting April 6, 2016 Islamic Material Culture The Universität Bonn (Bethany Walker), the Ludwig-Maximilian…


Metropolitan Museum of Art Books

tabsir , February 28th, 2016

You can download fifty years of publications by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free. Yes, for free. There are books on the art of Islamic Spain, Egypt,…


Arabic Papyrology Database

tabsir , February 20th, 2016

Andreas Kaplony, H-Mideast-Medieval, Saturday, January 2, 2016 The Arabic Papyrology Database (APD) team wishes you a happy New Year. Our present: new, handy features implemented in the APD…