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Platypod, Episode One: Technologies and Politics of Accessibility

Zihao Lin , July 26th, 2022

In its opening episode, Platypod presents a conversation between Cassandra Hartblay (University of Toronto) and Zihao Lin (University of Chicago). They discuss their research on accessibility culture…


Review: ‘Uberland: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Rules of Work’ by Alex Rosenblat

Cheyne Anderson , May 29th, 2020

In Uberland: How algorithms are rewriting the future of work, technology ethnographer Alex Rosenblat tackles the political realities of the Silicon Valley mythos through one of its most…


Call for reviews: Law, technology, Bureaucracy

Allegra , February 24th, 2020

Our new Book Review Team has expanded with the arrival of Emilie Thévenoz (Thank you Emilie for joining us!), which means we are now able to publish more…


Melissa Gregg on her new book, Counterproductive

| , December 17th, 2018

Interview by Ilana Gershon https://www.dukeupress.edu/counterproductive Ilana Gershon: When did the argument for Counterproductive come to you in the process of researching and writing? Melissa Gregg…

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