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Paul Stubbs: Liminal Temporalities of Hope in Bosnia-Herzegovina

focaal_admin , June 17th, 2021

Image 1: Shows Tuzla Plenum, 2014 (Photograph by Tamara Opačić from H-Alter, 17 February 2014, http://h-alter.org/vijesti/plenum-je-uvijek-korak-ispred, Used with permission). The space where I li…


Toxic Disavowal by Chloe Ahmann

Chloe Ahmann , January 17th, 2020

Figure 1. “Residents want out of industrial ghetto.” Photo by Lloyd Fox for the Baltimore Sun, 1998. In April 1998, Jeanette succumbed to terminal cancer. She was only…


Changing Time by Janet Weston

Janet Weston , March 19th, 2019

History and dementia are both concerned with time. Writing history is all about folding time, making sense of things that have become confused and confusing with the passage…


The fool with the watering can, or asynchronous time travelling by Jeannette Pols

Jeannette Pols , September 17th, 2018

One of the most bewildering and fascinating things about spending time with people with dementia is that they can rapidly travel through time. This was most clear with…