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Shiny! A Geek Anthropologist Newsletter!

Marie-Pierre Renaud , May 13th, 2016

Hello amazing TGA readers! At the end of May, we’ll be launching a brand new TGA newsletter. Each month, we’ll provide subscribers with: a list of recent posts;…

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If I was going to be interviewed about blogging by The Geek Anthropologist: 15 questions

The Anxious Anthropologist , April 17th, 2016

  (… this is very informal…) Why do I blog? When you work outside academia and you’re not actively researching you still want to write, you still want…

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Introducing New Team Members

Marie-Pierre Renaud , June 1st, 2015

Name Tags by EmDashPaperCo on Etsy By Marie-Pierre Renaud I want to introduce you to some of our team members you may not know yet, but who’s work…

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