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Call for Posts: Imaging Nature

colinhoag , April 8th, 2021

“The Blue Marble,” by NASA/Apollo 17 Crew. Public domain. Modified by Colin Hoag. Environmental humanists and environmental scientists labor over images—their production, their disseminati…


The Epistemology of Cutting and the Metaphysics of Continuities

colinhoag , June 23rd, 2020

By Meredith Root-Bernstein, Musée de l’Homme, Paris, France; Center of Sustainability and Applied Ecology, Santiago, Chile; Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, Santiago, Chile §   Confinement …


The Vanishing Land: In Search of a Myth for Samothraki

colinhoag , May 12th, 2020

By Eleni Kotsira, University of St Andrews § It is an evening in the early days of August 2019. I am sitting at a café in an alleyway…


Call for Posts: The Event, the Horizon

colinhoag , March 20th, 2020

Perhaps something has occurred in the history of the concept of structure that could be called an “event.” (Derrida 1978:278) “Dawn.” Acrylic on panel, 2016. by Eugenia Hoag….


The Time Travelers: Ambiguous Returns

colinhoag , February 7th, 2019

By Elaine Gan, New York University §  H. G. Wells’ 1895 novel introduced us to a modernist conception of a time machine, a humanmade device that renders time…


Call for Posts: Ecological Times

colinhoag , February 7th, 2019

Søby Brunkulslejer, Danmark. Photo by Colin Hoag for the Brown Coal Research Team (AURA: Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene). Ecological processes unfold in unstable coordination. The phen…


Fates of Forests in Borneo: A 40-Year Retrospective

colinhoag , July 31st, 2018

By F. E. “Jack” Putz, University of Florida § After barreling through rural Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) for several hours in a double-cabbed pick-up I was grateful when a bed-rider…


Call for Posts: Toxic Bodies

colinhoag , July 26th, 2017

“A pigeon trap”. By Provincial Archives of Alberta. (No restrictions, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44059615) Epigenetics, developmental biology, and feminist science and…


Wildlife Conservation and Settler Colonialism in the North American West

colinhoag , March 28th, 2017

Paul Berne Burow, Yale University § On May 3, 1933, a common brown buffalo cow gave birth to a snow-white bison calf on the National Bison Range near Moiese,…


Human-Animal Encounters at the Park

therezamiller , August 18th, 2016

By Shay Perryman, Ana Cruz, and Justin Brady § Woodward Park lies on the northwest edge of Fresno in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is California’s fifth largest city…


Anthropology Beyond the Tap: From Flint, Michigan to California’s Central Valley

therezamiller , August 16th, 2016

By Alexa Becerra-Almendarez, Emily Wolff, and Lemual Wheatley § Imagine you are thirsty. You go to the sink to pour yourself a glass of water, but you stop abruptly;…


Drought and Culture: From the Yard to the Farm

therezamiller , August 12th, 2016

By Alfred Lopez, Yeng Vang, and Chong Vang, California State University, Fresno § We hurriedly walked through a middle-class Fresno, California neighborhood. The City of Fresno and Fresno County are…


Call for Posts: Life on the Frontier: The Environmental Anthropology of Settler Colonialism

colinhoag , July 14th, 2016

Een Suikerfabriek. Lithograph of a painting by Abraham Salm, 1865-1872. Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, vi…


Plantworlds in West Papua

therezamiller , June 21st, 2016

By Sophie Chao, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia § First published in Anthropology & Environment Society’s section of Anthropology News Rejecting human exceptionalism and exploring th…


What the Seed Knows of the Soil

therezamiller , January 27th, 2016

By Kay E. Lewis-Jones, University of Kent § Attending to the Seed On a December afternoon in the upper west side of Manhattan, a group of people sat in…