Tag: thinking visually

#Afterlives: A Trajectory and the Curatorial Turn

Nancy Rose Hunt , May 26th, 2020

Where did afterlives fever come from?  These reflections suggest a trajectory. Today, amid a lively eruption of usages, afterlife has moved away from longstanding meanings in religious, archaeological…


Images Matter #ThinkingVisually

Nichole Fernández , May 31st, 2017

Though the visual is well established in areas of study like anthropology, many other social science disciplines have been slow to incorporate images into their research. Visual research…


Visualising happiness #EmergingDigitalPractices

Ilona Suojanen , May 30th, 2017

Most of us are seeking happiness. Now more than ever, happiness has became one of the most pursued goals, and not just on individual level. Governments and companies…