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Managing cultural complexity, 3 options courtesy of Tom Friedman, Chance the Rapper, and Maggie Siff

Grant , February 17th, 2017

(Originally published Feb. 16 on Medium) Tom Friedman was interviewed by Al Hunt on Charlie Rose Tuesday night. He was pitching his new book: Thank you for being…

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William O. Beeman Commentary on Thomas Friedman "Sheldon: Iran’s Best Friend" NY Times April 5, 2014: Crude and Inaccurate on Iran

William Beeman , April 6th, 2014

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/06/opinion/sunday/friedman-sheldon-irans-best-friend.html?comments#permid=11511683 Sheldon: Iran’s Best Friend APRIL 5, 2014 Thomas L. Friedman Commentary on this article …

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