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The first Indian text on Marx and other fab things

john hutnyk , May 5th, 2022

https://studycirclelokayata.wordpress.com/publicationsLokayata https://studycirclelokayata.wordpress.com/publications/ https://studycirclelokayata.wordpress.com/publications/ https://stu…


Time, History, Politics, Art, Revolt – not being crushed to bits. This is a MUST SEE – of all things going on in the Integrated hyperventalated Spectacle this year, why, its Tom Buyard, a rare treat that will be worth doing the prep reading for and tuning in ready to roll.

john hutnyk , January 26th, 2022

Seriously do not miss this. Some call him Mr Modest, to others he is The Tattooist (with a nod to Raymond Redington’s Black List) but Tom Bunyards’s Spectacle/S.I….


Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.

john hutnyk , May 26th, 2021

This is an actual event – by which I mean an important discussion that makes important moves, negotiates languages and ambiguities of the decolonial/postcolonial/colonial. There is good material…


Don Miller’s new book! Time and Time Again

john hutnyk , May 27th, 2020

via Don Miller’s new book! Time and Time Again Don Miller was the mystical magical master of metaphor at Melbourne Uni in the politics department when it was…


What is Anthropology? A Summary Review of the Second Edition by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Jodie-Lee Trembath , March 1st, 2020

I found it helpful when Eriksen drew the line in the sand about the fundamental questions that anthropology concerns itself with. Here’s his Big Three: 1) What is…

→The Familiar Strange

Centrifugal Citation Conformity Machine

john hutnyk , January 10th, 2020

I was recently in an information briefing (which was very useful) about Web of Science and citations/searches. Here are some thoughts on how the system at present breeds…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.

What is science in Social Science and what has the history of Philosophy had to say about it?

john hutnyk , September 21st, 2019

What is science in Social Science and what has the history of Philosophy had to say about it? Well, so glad you asked – I can talk for…


Innovations… Conference 4-5 October 2019, TDTU, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

john hutnyk , November 1st, 2018

Innovations in the Social Sciences and Humanities 4th and 5th of October 2019. Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist republic of Vietnam Welcome to the website for the conference Innovations in…


Steve Redhead: Theoretical Times

john hutnyk , March 17th, 2018

I’ve read most of Steve Redhead’s work over the years. Maybe not all the Virilio stuff as I leave that to Sophie, but this is the next one…


Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art: Seeing with maps

john hutnyk , December 21st, 2017

Claire Reddleman’s new book ‘Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art: Seeing with maps’ is out now from Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies! Claire Says: “It’s all about…


Spivak: What time is it on the world clock?

john hutnyk , December 3rd, 2017

Spivak on time, speaking on education and critiquing the knowledge management toolkit template at die Akademie des Verlernens unlearning academy. Has some anecdotes of crying boys and vids…