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Reclaiming Reciprocity in Video Sharing Environments

Haidy Geismar , January 14th, 2020

By Patricia Lange, California College of the Arts in San Francisco [In this new series, part of the Digital World category, we publish author commentaries on recently published…

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Third R.A.I Photo Salon: Photography and Tourism

Haidy Geismar , November 29th, 2019

Via Haidy Geismar, UCL Anthropology and Chair of the RAI Photography Committee   Sfakian man Manousos Kaftanis is being photographed by a passing traveller at a kiosk in…

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The Picket Line in the Digital Age

Joseph Cook , March 1st, 2018

Joseph Cook -MPhil/PhD Anthropology    @joseph_m_cook The following is the transcript from a talk given on Monday 26th February as part of a range of student-led teach-ins and…

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Digital Ontologies

Haidy Geismar , July 13th, 2016

Hannah Knox, Department of Anthropology, UCL Last year, someone made the observation at a workshop I was attending, that no single person knows how a contemporary computer works….

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On Miniatures: a dialogue

Haidy Geismar , June 25th, 2016

In a new series of postings, we draw two research projects on miniatures together in dialogue: Miniatures Matter Jonathan Walz, Rollins  College Jonathan Walz is an anthropologist who…

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New Open Access Series: Anthropology and Photography and open access initiatives from the Global Social Media Impact Study

Haidy Geismar , December 14th, 2015

Haidy Geismar, UCL   The movement towards open access has continued to gain momentum in the social sciences, and in anthropology, with important new journals such as Hau;…

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Ain’t no Jaguars in Ghana’s urban jungle: luxury and the postcolonial bizarre

Pauline Destree , October 23rd, 2015

Sipping my morning coffee in the corrosive speech of Bernard Avle, the radio host of Accra’s Citi FM Breakfast Show – a deliciously satirical commentary on salient socio-economic issues…

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The No-Person

Josh Burraway , April 29th, 2015

Over the past few weeks I have been working closely with London’s homeless community for my PhD fieldwork. As part of my role at the day centre where…

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