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Seasonal Knowledge and Arab Gulf Almanacs

tabsir , May 28th, 2022

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book: Seasonal Knowledge and the Almanac Tradition of the Arab Gulf. Details about the book, including a free…


Yemen Film 1973

tabsir , May 15th, 2022

This exquisite film was produced in 1973 and filmed in 1972, thus representing Yemen half a century ago. It is now available on Youtube. The filmmakers were Karen…


Cairo in Old Photographs

tabsir , March 10th, 2022

Check out this website for a number of photographs of Cairo in the early part of the 20th century.


Lebanese Music at Baalbek

tabsir , March 5th, 2022

This is a beautifully filmed and played Youtube video of Lebanese music performed in the ruins of a temple in Lebanon.


Libya in the 1950s

Old Algiers

tabsir , February 6th, 2022

a century old postcard of Algiers


Travels in Arabia

tabsir , February 3rd, 2022

One of the books I picked up over the years was a summary of early travelers to Arabia by Bayard Taylor, a noted traveler and poet. The 1892…


Who Owns the Holy Land?

tabsir , January 1st, 2022

As another year draws to a close, it is hard not to think in larger terms of the course of the last century. The world has seen two…


Loti on Palestine

tabsir , December 22nd, 2021

First English translation of ‘La Galilée’, an account of Pierre Loti’s travels in the Holy Land from Jerusalem to Beirut, via Damascus and many other interesting places, in…


With Pierre Loti in Persia

tabsir , December 8th, 2021

My friend, the historian G. Rex Smith, has recently translated into English a marvelous travel diary by the French military official and traveller Pierre Loti (1850-1923). It is…


Tim MacIntosh Smith

tabsir , November 28th, 2021

Read the article about Tim, whose writing on Yemen is terrific.


Rethinking Egyptian Cosmology and the Grand Canyon

eelaswad , November 15th, 2021

Desert View of the Grand Canyon (©el-Sayed el-Aswad, October, 2021) This article relates to a previous paper entitled “Egyptian Cosmology and the Grand Canyon” published by Tabsir on…


Water and Summer Heat in Alexandria

eelaswad , October 23rd, 2021

Stanley Bridge, Alexandria (© el-Sayed el-Aswad) After one year of being forced to stay indoors (April ?2020 to May 2021) due to the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic,…


Yemen Military in the early 19th century

tabsir , October 23rd, 2021

The Library of Congress has an online print of an engraving by Andrea Bernieri. It does not appear to be based on an actual observation by the artist….


Egypt in 1876

tabsir , October 20th, 2021

The British diplomat Sir Valentine Chirol (1852-1929) wrote a memoir entitled Fifty Years in a Changing World (New York: Harcourt and Brace, 1928). Among the areas in the…


A Wolff in Shepherd’s Clothing, #3

tabsir , September 5th, 2021

Dervish; photograph by Sevryugin Anton (1830 – 1933), the official photographer of the Imperial Court of Iran In the early 19th century there was a florescence of Protestant…


A Wolff in Shepherd’s Clothing, #2

tabsir , August 30th, 2021

In the early 19th century there was a florescence of Protestant missionary interest in saving Muslim, Jewish and other kinds of Christian souls in the Middle East. This…


King Tut’s Tomb in Color

tabsir , July 17th, 2021

Nice site with photos of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922.


Baghdad and Iraq in 1901

tabsir , June 24th, 2021

The British traveler Sir Edgar Collins Boehm was one of many travelers up the Persian Gulf and elsewhere more than a century ago. His narrative is rather meager,…


Traditional Seafaring in the Gulf

tabsir , June 22nd, 2021

The online event “Under the Sails – Maritime Conversation on Trade and Seafaring. Perspectives from Iran and Kuwait” held on May 26, 2021 is now available to view…


The Shrine of Nabi Hud

tabsir , May 8th, 2021

One of the most impressive architectural sites in Yemen is off the beaten track in the Hadramawt, about 90 miles north of al-Mukalla. This is the shrine of…


Damascus Heritage

tabsir , April 29th, 2021

For an impressive website devoted to the heritage of Damascus, check out “Damascus Heritage.” There are several Youtube videos accessible from the website. I especially like the im…


Handbook of Yemen (1917)

tabsir , April 10th, 2021

In 1917 the British government issued a handbook on Yemen with details on the geography. local tribes and important individuals. It is especially useful for discussion of travel…


Parading with the Pharaohs

tabsir , April 4th, 2021

Yesterday there was an extravaganza parade in Cairo parading the embalmed remains of 22 ancient Egyptian pharaohs to their new “eternal” resting place in the National Museum of…