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In the Journals – Prisons and Pandemics

allisontedesco , July 13th, 2020

Prisoners’ Round by Vincent Van Gogh via wikimedia Welcome back to In the Journals! My name is Ally, I am a graduate student beginning a Master’s in Anthropology at…


Messianic Medicine: Treating Disease in the Time that is Left by Janina Kehr

Janina Kehr , July 25th, 2016

In “The Time that Is Left”, Giorgio Agamben sketches the problem of messianic time. He writes that the messianic is “not the end of time, but the time…


Awakenings by Bharat Jayram Venkat

Bharat Jayram Venkat , May 25th, 2016

Tuberculosis is curable. Figure 1: Propaganda materials rehearsing the curability of tuberculosis are produced by a variety of institutional actors across India. From left to right: poster from…


Book Forum — Christian McMillen’s “Discovering Tuberculosis” by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , September 4th, 2015

  Christian McMillen’s Discovering Tuberculosis is many things, but mostly it is an account of failure.  The book is a story of disease control in the twentieth century…


STI, HIV, AIDS, TB, conferences of this month

Paul Mason , August 6th, 2015

The Joint World STI & HIV & ASHM Congress starts on Sunday 13 September 2015 at the Brisbance Convention Centre! That’s today (in local time)!!! It is the first time the International So…

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Tuberculosis: more anthropologists wanted

Paul Mason , July 25th, 2014

Nhat preparing a sample to be tested in the GeneXpert system If tuberculosis (TB) is so often described as the quintessential social disease, why aren’t more researchers in the…

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Tuberculosis in Prisons

Paul Mason , June 5th, 2014

  Last year I wrote a blog post for the TB CRE covering a story about Ravindra Patil who died of tuberculosis after having spent time in Mumbai…

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