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Plants that Keep the Bad Vibes Away

nckawa , May 5th, 2020

A special issue on “Phyto-Communicability” will be coming out in the journal Ethnos at the end of this year. I contributed a research article to the issue that…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

A Story of Us

nckawa , March 8th, 2019

For the past several years, the graduate students of the Ohio State Department of Anthropology have produced A Story of Us, a podcast that is sponsored by the…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

Urban Amazonian Show & Tell at #AmAnth18

nckawa , November 10th, 2018

At this year’s AAA meeting, I’ll be presenting a paper on a panel titled “The Cultural Work of Aesthetics: Brazilian Notions of the Beautiful and the Crafting of…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

A Pretext for Plunder? Environmental Change and State-Led Redevelopment in the Peruvian Amazon

nckawa , April 10th, 2018

Gordon Ulmer, Sydney Silverstein, and I just published a short article (with lots of photos!) in the latest edition of Anthropology Today. It examines how projected environmental changes…

→Nicholas C. Kawa