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“Emeryville is Weird”

Annie Hammang , May 24th, 2022

When I would tell people I worked in the small San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Emeryville, they would almost always say, “Emeryville is weird.” And then the…


#Academic Fictions: Cape Town through Time and Space: An Experimental Poem

Carolina Earle , February 23rd, 2021

Part 1: 1921 “Poison Tea, Colonial Imports”, by an Observer    “Them nasty Malays can make it work  months after you take it”, quotes Lady Duff G.: This,…


Book Review: Nairobi in the Making: Landscapes of Time and Urban Belonging by Constance Smith

Rose Deller , May 13th, 2020

In Nairobi in the Making: Landscapes of Time and Urban Belonging, Constance Smith explores how the residents of Nairobi’s Kaloleni estate interact with materials and structures from the…

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Fish, Flows, and Desire in the Delta

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

In the wetlands, claims about environmental and economic change are rooted in broader assertions about livelihood and belonging. The dirt road vanishes into a muddy track. The two…

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Urban development and the resistance of archaeology #newtonloss

Sam Hardy , December 1st, 2016

By some estimates, one in ten thousand people in Turkey is an unemployed archaeologist. In an alternative café while on a last-minute contract in Istanbul, I got talking…