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Why do you love anthropology?

Anne Kelsey , February 12th, 2016

Why do you  anthropology? We thought we’d get an early start celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Feb. 18 Anthropology Day event by sharing the #AnthroLove. Read the responses below from…

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Achy Breaky Heart

Elyse Bailey , February 12th, 2016

This Valentine’s Day Anthropology News takes an alternative look at contemporary romance. Ilana Gershon shares her reflections on relationships and breakups, based on research for her 2010 book,…

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(How) Do Anthropologists Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Alma Gottlieb , February 15th, 2015

As an anthropologist, the first thought that comes to mind as we approach an upcoming holiday is typically, How do they celebrate this holiday in X?—X being a…

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