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Objects, brands and people: between kites and Harley Davidson drivers

Gabriel Santiago Jurado Gonzalez , May 2nd, 2019

Understanding the meanings we give to objects and the way in which we associate them with attitudes, emotions, and memories, can be highly useful when creating a new…

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Restoring the balance: Living well with pain by Else Vogel

Else Vogel , April 12th, 2019

Like dementia, persistent pain comes with irreparable losses: physical restrictions, strained relationships, financial problems, perished dreams and ambitions. Both conditions require ethnographers an…


Ep. #25: Zombie nouns, meaningful objects, biopolitics in politics, and value trials: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , October 28th, 2018

This month Julia (0:59), starts us off with a discussion about zombie nouns – non-nouns that have been turned into nouns – such as sociality, relationality, neoliberalisation, and…

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Fish, Flows, and Desire in the Delta

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

In the wetlands, claims about environmental and economic change are rooted in broader assertions about livelihood and belonging. The dirt road vanishes into a muddy track. The two…

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Ethnographies of Academia #UniversityCrisis

Vita Peacock , December 5th, 2016

There is a mythology of nourishment deposited in the language of the intellect.[1] Thoughts are digested. Ideas are chewed upon. There is hunger for information and a thirst…


Co-designing with machines: moving beyond the human/machine binary

tricia wang , June 13th, 2016

Letter from the Editor: I am happy to announce Welcome to the The Co-Desinging with Machines edition. As someone with one foot in industry redesigning organizations to flourish in a…

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What’s Fueling “The Bern?” The Secret Every Marketer Should Know

thenarcissisticanthropologist , March 28th, 2016

Yet another view into the world of a “professional” narcissistic anthropologist at work.  Posted this morning on the company site / linkedin. On a side note, I was…

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What’s the Real Point of Brand Purpose? A Perspective on Purpose Alignment and Activation

thenarcissisticanthropologist , March 16th, 2016

This post was originally published for my business, Culture and can be found here Having spent the last 16 years working with a cornucopia of legacy brand and marketing…

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Memes: The internet’s moral police

Daniel Miller , May 12th, 2015

On the face of it memes and religion would seem unlikely bedfellows, or even worthy of mention in the same discussion. Religions come to us from centuries of…

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