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SAPIENS Podcast Season 4 Reflections and Celebrations

Chip Colwell , April 21st, 2022

In this live event, a panel of archaeologists and podcasters celebrates the completion of SAPIENS Podcast Season 4 and RadioCIAMS’ SAPIENS Talk Back series. Meet the amazing people…


“This Sweet Potato is Beautiful.” From Ethnoagronomy to Ethnogastronomy in the work of Virginia Nazarea

foodanthro , March 28th, 2022

Lima, 2015. At the Mistura, an annual food festival in Peru wherein people from the desert, the Andes, and the coast bring their produce and artisanal products to…


“What are people claiming when they say that a food is local?” An Interview With David Beriss

foodanthro , March 21st, 2022

Local food or not? Photo by David Beriss David Sutton In this fifth installment of interviews with anthropologists about their work on food I talk with longtime friend…


From Things and Stuff to Radically Optimist Multi-Modal Platform

Felix Girke , November 17th, 2021

On May 20, 2021, Felix Girke, a member of our editorial collective, gave a presentation in the framework of the workshop “Multimodal Digital Publishing” hosted by the Working…


“Every Time You Make A Recipe, You Take A Risk,” An Interview With David Sutton

foodanthro , October 25th, 2021

David Beriss I sat down with David Sutton for a wonderful conversation about his research. We explore commensality, synesthesia, memory, national foods, how to learn about cooking, and…


Videoessays: Zeigen als Intervention

Johannes Binotto , March 14th, 2021

Digitale Videoessays gehören online zu den beliebtesten audiovisuellen Formaten. In den letzten Jahren ist ihre Zahl geradezu explodiert. Doch wer darunter noch immer vor allem leicht zu konsumierende…

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Mi lengua, mi origen

anthropologies , October 8th, 2020

Si bien en los países desarrollados, la migración del campo a la ciudad ha terminado, en los países en vías de desarrollo la migración campo- ciudad sigue dándose….


Deconstruyendo imaginarios del sur global

anthropologies , September 23rd, 2020

El proyecto que presentamos es el primero de una posible serie de trabajos divulgativos destinados a la Universidad Rovira i Virgili y a otros centros educativos de ámbito…


Hanwool Choe takes the page 99 test

| , September 7th, 2020

My dissertation is about instant messages among Korean family(-in-law) members. I particularly focus on how families make strategic use of everyday photo-/video-sharing to construct and perform their …

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Films & videos on media activism & more

philbu , June 30th, 2020

This is a selection of films and videos on mediated activism, anthropological perspectives on media and culture, and globalization and (de)colonization in relation to media.Compiled by Philipp Budka…

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Patricia G. Lange on her new book, Thanks for Watching

| , March 9th, 2020

https://upcolorado.com/university-press-of-colorado/item/3737-thanks-for-watching Interview by Jan English-Lueck Jan English-Lueck:  You have been writing about YouTubers, on and off screen, for over…

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“L’étranger”: Ariane Benoit on the Fluid Mosaic

Ariane Benoit , February 10th, 2020

Introduction Ariane is an anthropologist and a performer who chose to combine these two disciplines in her professional and personal life. She is now based in Montreal, Canada,…


“Clip und klug” – Interview mit den Macher*innen der wunderbaren Video-Reihe zu soziologischen Theorien

Eva-Maria , May 13th, 2019

  “Clip und klug” heißt ein Projekt an der Universität Rostock, in dem Studierende am Institut für Soziologie und Demographie gemeinsam mit unserer wissenschaftlichen Beirätin Dr. Yvonne N…


What hurricanes taught me about the need for disaster anthropology

Astrid Countee , August 27th, 2018

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday. Like many do, I reflected on where I have come since the last year, and that made me take pause. I…


The Single Shot: contribute a still or moving image from the field

The Familiar Strange , June 10th, 2018

Author: Dr. Natasha Fijn is based at the ANU Mongolia Institute. Her research focuses on multispecies ethnography and observational filmmaking. Ethnographic film and photography includes detailed obse…

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Videos / Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie stellt sich vor

Redaktion , April 17th, 2018

Das Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie stellt sich vor. Eine Video-Porträt-Reihe gibt neben kleinen Einsichten in den Bacherlorstudiengang „Kulturanthropologie und Europ…

→Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften – Aktuelles aus der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Video / Das Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie stellt sich vor

Redaktion , March 20th, 2018

Das Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie der Goethe-Universität stellt sich mit einem neuen Video vor. Was ist eigentlich Kulturanthropologie? Wie sieht ein Kulturanthropologies…

→Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften – Aktuelles aus der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Video: Kinship and Belonging – Part IV of #FutureCentralAsia

Judith Beyer , December 8th, 2017

In this panel, the three discussants, David Montgomery (Washington), Julie Billaud (Geneva), and Judith Beyer (Konstanz) are discussing the following three books: Eva-Marie Dubuisson. 2017. Living l…


Video: Islam – Part III of #FutureCentralAsia

Judith Beyer , December 7th, 2017

In this panel, the three discussants, Till Mostowlansky (Hong Kong), Aksana Ismailbekova (Halle) and Eva-Marie Dubuisson (New York) are discussing the following three books: Julie Billaud. 2015. Kab…


Video: Nation – Part II of #FutureCentralAsia

Judith Beyer , December 6th, 2017

In this panel, the three discussants, Jeanne Feaux de la Croix, Mateusz Laszczkowski, and Julie McBrien are discussing the following three books: Tim Epkenhans. 2016. The origins of…


Video: Ordering – Part I of #FutureCentralAsia

Judith Beyer , December 5th, 2017

In this panel, the three discussants, Madeleine Reeves (Manchester / Konstanz), Tim Epkenhans (Freiburg) and Timothy Nunan (Berlin) are discussing the following three books: Judith Beyer. 2016. The…


Visual Anthropology Of The Egyptian Revolution (And Beyond)

MPeterson , October 12th, 2017

A special issue of the journal Visual Anthropology brings together seven scholars exploring visual aspects of political contestation in the Middle East, especially the Arab Spring.   The issue …


Watching Movies in Ghana

Alexandra Frankel , March 9th, 2017

Re-presenting the stuff of dreams and invisible forces, films feed the popular imagination. “It’s true, it’s true. All these things happen, all these things happen in real life….

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Investigating the Untethered Journey between Psychedelic Science, Medicine, and Drug Scheduling with Hamilton Morris

Gamwell , February 15th, 2017

Psychedelia is the culture and experiences of psychedelic substances. Where did all the research on psychedelic drugs go? Could psychedelics be used in psychotherapy? How are hallucinogenic drugs…

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