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Đồng Tháp poses the urgent questions for today.

john hutnyk , May 25th, 2022

Juxtaposing decayed US v Soviet war crap or a flower that blooms in slime. a Huey and a MIG and sundry other remnants from the pond in the…


Ganesh at An Giang

john hutnyk , May 23rd, 2022

Bảo tàng An Giang. Here is Ganesa, 6th century, from Vong The commune, Thoai Song district, An Giang.


The Stars in the Universe

john hutnyk , May 18th, 2022

Reposted from capitalnctu.wordpress.com From TDTU amidst the detritus of the pandemic, this amazing work: 1 C Table of contentsDownload 1-final-artwork-ecou-teamDownload 2-ipu…


Subhas Chandra Bose in HCMC

john hutnyk , May 5th, 2022

For several years I have been taking people to see the house in which Subhas Chandra Bose stayed in Vietnam before allegedly crashing on the airport in Taiwan…


Kathleen Gough

john hutnyk , April 28th, 2022

I could not find a single volume biography, which seems like a gap, but this special issue of Anthropologica from 1993 is a welcome find. Since it is…


Two – allegorical

john hutnyk , January 21st, 2022

Ray’s France-Vietnam war allegory – h/t Pradip Baksi


Opening ceremony of the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in The Social Sciences & Humanities 2021

john hutnyk , December 22nd, 2021

From TDTU – https://www.tdtu.edu.vn/en/news/opening-ceremony-of-the-2nd-international-conference-on-innovations-in-the-social-sciences-humanities-2021 On the morning of December 17, 2021, th…


Leonid Kolishnikov honours Nguyen Phu Trong

john hutnyk , December 16th, 2021

https://en.nhandan.vn/politics/item/10921502-vietnam%E2%80%99s-party-leader-honoured-with-lenin-prize-of-russian-communist-party.html Vietnam’s Party leader honoured with Lenin Prize of Russia…


ISSH2021 conference agenda and abstracts

john hutnyk , December 11th, 2021

Issh2021 conference-programmeDownload These are the abstracts and agenda for the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2021 (17th-18th Dec 2021). So…



john hutnyk , November 29th, 2021

visit https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/ for details. Register here: https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/conference-fees


Le Duan

john hutnyk , November 29th, 2021

VCP Gen Sec ‘wipe out the vestiges of petty-bourgeois ideology and the influences of bourgeois ideology, and in particular, firmly oppose individualism, the ideological source of revisionism…


Robinson on Con Dao

john hutnyk , November 5th, 2021

First 50 to click the url here get a free pdf – https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0967828X.2021.1994353#.YYVKsbiYIYQ.linkedin


Opium in HCMC

john hutnyk , September 27th, 2021

A lockdown post. Looking forward to continuing to explore the city one great meal at a time. Here are some of my notes on La Manufacture d’Opium, at…


Naming the Virus, Becoming the Virus: Affective Forces of Threat from Hà Nội to Atlanta and the Possibility for Anti-Racist Solidarities

Tiên-Dung Hà , July 6th, 2021

“Chống dịch như chống giặc” (“Fight the pandemic like an invader”) has become Vietnam’s slogan in its battle against COVID-19. From the pandemic’s onset until April 2021, Vietnam…


Merav Shohet on her book, Silence and Sacrifice

| , May 3rd, 2021

Interview by Annemarie Samuels https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520379381/silence-and-sacrifice Annemarie Samuels: When you first started considering doing ethnographic research in Vietnam,…

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The “macrobiotics friends association”: nurturing life amidst chronic disease in Vietnam by Le Hoang Ngoc Yen

Le Hoang Ngoc Yen , April 16th, 2021

“I will never return to that Zone of Death! You too should try to follow this diet to nurture life.” Aunt Minh[i](Fieldwork notes, February 2018) We first met…


Kill your Darlings again: Spike Lee’s faulty reparations

john hutnyk , March 7th, 2021

Another paragraph on the cutting floor: Compared to prison memoirs, accessibility to the American reconstruction of the war is abundantly available in a series of blockbuster films (besides…


Recent stuffs:

john hutnyk , September 24th, 2020

The Corporate Imaginary, In Thesis Eleven August 13, 2020 Co research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom  with Do Thi Xuan Huong, in Education Philosophy and Theory, 2020, with…


Journal of Asian and African Studies – vol 55 no 6

john hutnyk , August 23rd, 2020

jasa_55_6.tocjasa_55_6.toc Table of Contents Special Isssue: Sociology in Vietnam Today Previous Issue Volume 55 Issue 6, September 2020 Guest Editor: John Hutnyk Table of Contents (PDF) Editorial Boa…


Education Philosophy and Theory special journal issue on Innovating Institutions

john hutnyk , July 25th, 2020

Please read the intro (free access) and follow up the rest (you know how): https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00131857.2020.1757395 Whole issue: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rept20/52/11?…


Bác Hồ’s Security Detail Lesson

john hutnyk , June 24th, 2020

Theodor is in grade 2 of primary (7 years old) and they study Ho Chi Minh thought. Here is an example of their little parables about Bác Hồ…


Co-research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom

john hutnyk , May 4th, 2020

New paper: Co-research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom Do Thi Xuan Huong & John Hutnyk 50 free ‘eprints’ for those who want to read it now –…


Honky Tonk University

john hutnyk , April 21st, 2020

As I was chatting to Tony who wanted an update, here it for economies sake for the family and friends too: we are in week 12 of homeschooling….


Vietnam – Brazil

john hutnyk , April 5th, 2020

Comparative. Who’d have thought to do this one – but, its done, and there’s an intriguing and generous review – of J. Warren’s Cultures of Development: Vietnam, Brazil,…

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