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Impressions from the Master Class “Participatory Digital Ethnography”

digitalethnography , November 15th, 2021

It was our pleasure to organize the Master Class Participatory Digital Ethnography together with the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab and the Visual Studies Platform (CEU). The public co-lecture…

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Through the Lens of the Anthropocene: The Shared Histories and Futures of Ethnographic and Natural History Filmmaking

colinhoag , November 2nd, 2021

By Alejandra Melian-Morse, McGill University § The very first scene of the BBC’s Planet Earth II (Berlowitz et al. 2016) breaks the mould of early BBC natural history…


On Drones and Ectoplasms: Breath of Gaia

Angeliki Malakasioti , August 19th, 2021

(Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of the Thematic Series Data Swarms Revisited) Painting form the art project On Drones and Ectoplasms: Breath of Gaia. ©Angeliki Malakasioti…


Jathilan Dance: Experiencing the Spirits

The Familiar Strange , August 15th, 2021

yelling, crawling and rolling. Later, they begin to show some animal-like behavior: hissing, roaring and moving on all fours. This is my fieldwork. The place is Java, the…

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Ep #72 Weaponised Photography & Sex Work: Camille Waring on Online Intimacy & Lens Based Violence

The Familiar Strange , April 4th, 2021

The Familiar Strange · Ep #72 Weaponized Photography & Sex Work: Camille Waring on Online Intimacy & Lens Based Violence Before we dive into today’s episode we’d just…

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Only Half the Story – Rethinking the Relationship Between Digital Ethnographers and Their Devices*

digitalethnography , January 28th, 2021

Franziska Weidle** “Digital cinema is pre-computational” – from Quelic Berga’s presentation at ECREA 2018; author of original image: DRs Kulturarvsprojekt; title: Steenbeck…

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Sanderien Verstappen: Hidden behind toilet rolls: visual landscapes of COVID-19

focaal_admin , January 14th, 2021

During the lockdowns of spring 2020, short videos became a popular means of reflecting on new experiences of quarantine and social distancing. Passed around on social media platforms,…


Photo Essay: Finding a place for historical nostalgia in Postcolonial Anthropology

standplaatswereld , January 13th, 2021

by Yatou Sallah I have long been intrigued by the anthropological framing of Africans in the context of postcolonialism. As scholars and theorists in the field attempt to…

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Beer Can Photography

Chelsea Horton , November 16th, 2020

In an age of digital technology, an experiment with pinhole cameras reveals a striking record of the sun’s daily path and a changing landscape in northern Sweden. Uffe…

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Ep #64 “Can I speak to the manager”: Caitlin Setnicar on customer abuse, ThinkPlace & cartoons

Deanna Catto , October 4th, 2020

The Familiar Strange · #64 “Can I speak to the manager”: Caitlin Setnicar on customer abuse, ThinkPlace & cartoons ‘The reasons why uniforms exist is for various reasons….

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On Gutters and Ethnography

Rine , September 25th, 2020

In a departure from more conventional communication methods in academia, I’m exploring how comics–a medium I love to read and am learning to make (thank you to my…


The Poetics of Internet Memes

Emma Louise Backe , August 3rd, 2020

By Kai Blevins I believe in low theory in popular places, in the small, the inconsequential, the antimonumental, the micro, the irrelevant; I believe in making a difference…

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Covidentities – Prizes

ukvisualanth , July 23rd, 2020

Our annual screening event took place on zoom this year because of the pandemic. You can see all the films and interactive websites here. You can read Felicia…

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Films & videos on media activism & more

philbu , June 30th, 2020

This is a selection of films and videos on mediated activism, anthropological perspectives on media and culture, and globalization and (de)colonization in relation to media.Compiled by Philipp Budka…

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Thank You, Dan, For All The Keys

Jason Baird Jackson , June 26th, 2020

Below find the eighth in a series of guest posts offered in celebration on the occasion of our colleague and friend Daniel C. Swan’s retirement from the University…

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Invitation to Covidentities 2020

ukvisualanth , May 28th, 2020

  Welcome to this year’s visual anthropology screening and an exciting collection of creative, engaged and always personal projects by our visual anthropology students. This year our stude…

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Digital Migration

Guest Contributor , April 11th, 2020

Anthrodendum welcomes guest blogger Patricia G. Lange, an anthropologist and associate professor of Critical Studies (undergraduate program) and Visual & Critical Studies (graduate program) at Cal…


Introducing the Collective Anthro Mini Lectures Project for #COVIDcampus

zoe , March 16th, 2020

By Page West and Zoë Wool During the past few months colleges and universities all over the world have shifted our teaching online because of the COVID 19…


Teaching Anthropology through Sequential Art (Part II)

Anna , December 13th, 2019

By Andrew Gilbert In Part I of this essay, I discussed the design and goals of a new course I had developed on graphic novels in an upper-year…

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Single Shot: Laying an Egg

Ian Pollock , October 16th, 2019

“She likes it in here,” he said. “Sometimes I have to catch the eggs so they don’t roll onto the floor.”

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Development for somebody else, by Alexander Öbom

Mats Utas , July 4th, 2019

Motorcycle-taxi driving: one of few new jobs in Kisoro district. Drivers often rent their vehicle from someone else, who can afford to buy it. Alexander Öbom graduated from…

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Techologically Ill wins Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize 2019

ukvisualanth , June 22nd, 2019

Noemie Degiorgis’ transformative short documentary, Technologically Ill, won the Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize at this year’s visual anthropology screening, Resolutionaries.   …

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Resolutionaries 2019

ukvisualanth , June 22nd, 2019

Matt Rose introduces the event with a poem.   Welcome and thank you for coming.  Before the films get up and running I’d like to invite us all…

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Invitation to Resolutionaries 2019-Rebel-Recreate-Reclaim

ukvisualanth , May 21st, 2019

  Dear students, friends, alumni and supporters of visual anthropology at Kent, In the year when Extinction Rebellion protests caught the public imagination and led to the declaration…

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