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“Doing Being a Latina,” or Performing Identities Through a Computer Voice

Sasha Kurlenkova , November 2nd, 2020

The ability to communicate is often taken-for-granted and imperceptible, despite being vital to everyday life. It defines our social performances as family members, professionals, and neighbors. Moreo…


Speaking with Silence

Adam Hodges , October 23rd, 2018

Silence can be a powerful communicative tool in today’s political landscape. Words take center stage in the verbal sparring of the Twitter age. Against the backdrop of Trumpian…

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Daniel Fisher on his book, The Voice and Its Doubles

| , April 23rd, 2018

https://www.dukeupress.edu/the-voice-and-its-doubles Interview by Georgia Ennis Georgia Ennis: Throughout your book, you follow both the imaginations and instantiations of an Aboriginal voice in radi…

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#MeToo: Stories in the Age of Survivorship by Emma Backe – This Anthro Life

Gamwell , February 9th, 2018

Welcome to Story Slamming Anthropology. This series features both innovative narrative and audio performance drawing on the deep toolkit and methods of anthropology. The goal with Story Slamming…

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For the Love of Us All, No More Deplorables, Snowflakes, or Nasty Women

Carie Little Hersh , June 8th, 2017

8 Labels I Never Want to Hear Again There are several words that have gained in popularity over the last few years that I don’t ever want to…

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Victims, volunteers and voices of the digital age

John Postill , December 6th, 2016

Figure 1. A widely shared campaign image calling for the release of Prita Mulyasari, one of Indonesia’s best known ‘ITE Law victims’ (korban UU ITE). Source: Hadin (2013)….