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When Brazil’s Voters Became Followers

Chelsea Horton , September 14th, 2020

Politics on social media may be exciting and even fun. But is it good for democracy? Jair Bolsonaro’s sweeping victory in the 2018 Brazilian elections took many people…

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Getting Out the Vote in South Asian Chicago

Chelsea Horton , September 14th, 2020

Language access provisions to expand language minority voters’ access to the polls are not only about political participation. They also reveal the reproduction of white public space and…

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Ten Things about Black Women Suffragists through a Black Feminist Lens

Chelsea Horton , September 14th, 2020

Irma McClaurin is a Black feminist anthropologist and consultant who conducts research on the social construction of inequality and its impact on African diaspora communities through an intersectional…

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Talking about Elections in Northern Kenya

Chelsea Horton , September 14th, 2020

An anthropologist recalls a conversation with three older women as they reflected on their experiences of electoral politics past and present. “What politics have people of nowadays seen;…

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Love-Politics and the Carceral Encounter

Alexandra Frankel , January 25th, 2019

For community organizers in New Orleans, action to oppose the carceral state first requires the building of community. We were in the middle of one of Voice of…

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Myths of American Democracy: Contradictions, Troubling Numbers, and Searching for Sense in the System

Gamwell , October 20th, 2016

Debate Prep! Do you find yourself increasingly frustrated at the lack of real conversations between candidates and politicians? Are you confused about why someone who doesn’t walk to…

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AAA Boycott Vote Postmortem

Kerim , June 10th, 2016

By now you have probably heard that the boycott vote failed by an incredibly narrow margin: In the end an astounding 51% of its 10,000 members participated. The…

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