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The reserve army of labour – (latent)

john hutnyk , June 17th, 2022

Well, this is a new blip on the slow process of getting people paid recognition for work. There are a few other things like this – eg the…


Khin Thazin and Stephen Campbell: How the Myanmar coup has impacted migrant workers abroad

Focaal Web Editor , June 7th, 2022

The February 2021 military coup in Myanmar put an end to the country’s ten-year period of quasi-civilian electoral rule—the so-called democratic transition, as it was optimistically called. Since…


Heroes of Our Economy

Alex D'Aloia , March 27th, 2022

A social economy approach therefore asks why people are engaged in specific enterprises. Are they simply out to make the most money they can? Many people do. Or…

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Andrew Sanchez: Work is Complicated: Thoughts on David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs

focaal_admin , March 4th, 2022

There’s a Committee for Committees! A few weeks ago, I received a message from a colleague. It was the sort of funny thing that one friend says to…


Environment, Labour and Capitalism at Sea (Book Review)

guestanthropologist , February 1st, 2022

by Connie Scott “Fish simply appear in supermarkets” (p.209), writes Penny McCall Howard. Most consumers have little or no awareness of where their fish comes from, or of…

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Julia Ticona on her book, Left to Our Own Devices

| , January 19th, 2022

https://global.oup.com/academic/product/left-to-our-own-devices-9780190691288 Ilana Gershon: If you found yourself talking to a voice actor in a coffee shop about your book, how would you expl…

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For those about to be assessed, Harry Cleaver helps cut throught he must…

john hutnyk , January 4th, 2022

To those doing assignments, be it single or collective projects, here’s a reminder to resist the stress and do it for your own reasons. This is another condensed…



john hutnyk , November 29th, 2021

visit https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/ for details. Register here: https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/conference-fees


Cargo Ships and Comrades: On the Occasion of the Beached Ever Given

Hannah Eisler Burnett , April 13th, 2021

In 2018, we took a cargo ship from Barcelona to New York City and made a short film called Slop Chest [1] about the blurry distinction between work…


What Is Your Worth? Re-evaluating Human Work in An Automated Future

Alex D'Aloia , March 28th, 2021

A while ago I read something on Twitter that got me thinking. The tweet read something along the lines of: “What kind of sci-fi dystopia are we living…

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Immigrant Women’s Care Work in a Global Pandemic

Chelsea Horton , January 27th, 2021

The shuttering of the global economy and the devastating health ramifications of COVID-19 have left undocumented immigrant women in the United States struggling to provide emotional and economic care…

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The Work it Takes to Stop Working: Productivity in Labs and Sugarcane

Katie Ulrich , November 10th, 2020

In spring of 2020, thousands of scientific labs across several continents shut down. What was deemed “non-essential” research was ramped down and/or paused in an effort to stop…


Journal of Asian and African Studies – vol 55 no 6

john hutnyk , August 23rd, 2020

jasa_55_6.tocjasa_55_6.toc Table of Contents Special Isssue: Sociology in Vietnam Today Previous Issue Volume 55 Issue 6, September 2020 Guest Editor: John Hutnyk Table of Contents (PDF) Editorial Boa…


The home, the office and the home-office: What makes it ‘work’?

The Familiar Strange , April 26th, 2020

Yesterday, I started an email to my supervisor with the opener “I am wearing shoes today and it seems to make me more productive. How’s it going in…

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Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu: Textile livelihoods under threat

guestanthropologist , April 20th, 2020

by Geert De Neve **Reprinted by permission from the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme.** On the 24th of March 2020, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete national…

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How are Foreign Domestic Workers Implicated in the Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong?

Charlotte Brill , April 13th, 2020

by Charlotte Brill ‘’My eyes were very painful’’, said an Indonesian migrant worker who was caught in a cloud of tear gas on her day off. This tear…

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Tenure Track Position in Oulu, Finland: Cultural Histories and Traditional Knowledge of Resource Use

fstammle , March 12th, 2020

Our anthropology colleague Prof Hannu Heikkinen from Oulu just sent this around. Seems to be a rather rare opportunity for a permanent job in Arctic Anthropology! Arctic Interactions…

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Jobb for jobbens skyld

Natalie Langaas , November 13th, 2019

Helt fra vi er små blir vi spurt om hva drømmejobben vår er. Astronaut, artist, doktor, idrettsstjerne, skuespiller er alle blant de mest populære. For mange er drømmejobben…

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Call for Workshop contributions “Gender in Polar Research: Gendered field work conditions, epistemologies and legacies”

Stephan Dudeck , September 20th, 2019

A two-day workshop in the framework of Arctic Science Summit Week 2020, Akureyri, Iceland, 29-30(TBC) March 2020 funded by IASC – the International Arctic Science Committee The IASC…

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Juan del Nido discusses his dissertation about Uber

| , July 1st, 2019

Page 99 is home to one of the most linguistically precise segments of my dissertation, concerning the construction of a legal case against Uber in Buenos Aires, Argentina,…

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Work for a Life

Alexandra Frankel , June 12th, 2019

For students moving from studying anthropology to working in Silicon Valley, how can learning from worker struggles and solidarity movements in anthropology make their work more ethical? Anthropologis…

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Veblen trinkets – irksomeness of labour

john hutnyk , May 21st, 2019

Thorstein Veblen discussing cultural practices before the advent of property, accumulation, branding, industrialiation and competition – the pathogens of the future are there in the collection o…


A Liquor Store is like a Drive-Thru Cheers

Our ‘Fashion Fast’: Week 3

guestanthropologist , March 28th, 2019

by Alfred Lewis **Read about the first and second week of our ‘fashion fast’ here and here. If you can, please donate to our efforts to raise money for the labour rights…

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