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Adventures in Blogging: Bringing Anthropology to the World

Anne , February 15th, 2018

For World Anthropology Day, we asked Paul Stoller to share his thoughts on the urgent need for a more public anthropology, as well as his ideas about blogging…

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#WhyWeAnth: Answers on World Anthropology Day 2018

Jodie-Lee Trembath , February 14th, 2018

Are you keen to understand more about what anthropologists do and why they do it? This post compiles the reasons of anthros from around the world in honour…

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World Anthropology Day: Grokking as a Geek Anthropologist

Emma Louise Backe , February 16th, 2017

In honor of World Anthropology Day 2017, we’re sharing the text from an AnthroTalk presentation on what it means to do geek anthropology, given at George Washington University…

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Supporting the Resistance

Anne , February 16th, 2017

Well, 2017 has certainly burst out of the gates, with Trump signing executive orders the way a bull wreaks havoc in a china shop, and the resistance using…

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Why the world needs World Anthropology Day

Rex , February 18th, 2016

Today is World Anthropology Day, a global celebration of all things anthropological. The American Anthropological Association beta-tested this new holiday last year as ‘National Anthropology Day…

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