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Reindeer nomadism as profession, lifestyle, passion and love: Sergei Serotetto

fstammle , June 3rd, 2021

русский текст ниже One of the world’s most respected reindeer nomads, 1954-2021, mourning for a friend (all photos in this post © by Florian Stammler) Один из самых…

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Long live the tundra nomads!

fstammle , December 18th, 2020

Just found out from the local news that in the Novyi Urengoy hospital two Nenets elders survived covid-19 and recovered from pneumonia, at the age of more than…

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Fieldwork story Stammler 2: Yamal, hunting for petrol and a wild reindeer

fstammle , April 27th, 2020

https://arcticanthropology.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/stammler-story2-reindeerpetrol-h.mp3 A story about my failed attempt of shooting a wild reindeer, and of a successful hunt for petrol Yarko…

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Fieldwork story Stammler 1: Yamal, participation over observation is a health risk

fstammle , April 24th, 2020

participation over observation is a health riskThis was my first cold night ever in a chum in the Yamal tundra. It’s a story of ‘lesson learned’ early on…

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“CCC” – corona, climate change and conspiracy in the Yamal tundra

fstammle , April 8th, 2020

I have been doing fieldwork with Yamal Nenets reindeer herders for more than 20 years now, and have noticed this year a change in their perception of the…

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1st December: “World Aids Day” Всемирный день борьбы со СПИДом – ВИЧ и коренные народы Севера в России HIV and indigenous peoples in Russia

Stephan Dudeck , December 4th, 2019

(English version see blow) picture: WHO/ВОЗ В связи с этой датой хотелось бы обратить внимание на один аспект эпидемия ВИЧ инфекции в России, который еще недостаточно изучен и мало…

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Anthrax outbreak on Yamal PENINSULA, not Tarko Sale PUROVSKI Yamal Okrug!

fstammle , July 29th, 2016

The Siberian Times and other english language sites report about the recent anthrax outbreak among reindeer in West Siberia in a slight geographical confusion . Ignore the maps…

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