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Covidentities – Prizes

ukvisualanth , July 23rd, 2020

Our annual screening event took place on zoom this year because of the pandemic. You can see all the films and interactive websites here. You can read Felicia…

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Invitation to Covidentities 2020

ukvisualanth , May 28th, 2020

  Welcome to this year’s visual anthropology screening and an exciting collection of creative, engaged and always personal projects by our visual anthropology students. This year our stude…

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Resolutionaries 2019

ukvisualanth , June 22nd, 2019

Matt Rose introduces the event with a poem.   Welcome and thank you for coming.  Before the films get up and running I’d like to invite us all…

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Transparencies Report

ukvisualanth , June 13th, 2018

  Introduction TRANSPARENCIES 2018  celebrated the creativity and initiative of our students,  how they gave of themselves and collaborated to be able to realise the films they wanted….

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