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Los Balcanes: el polvorín de Europa

anthropologies , September 13th, 2021

Read Time:13 Minute, 21 Second La decisión del alto representante en Bosnia de prohibir la negación del genocidio y crímenes de gue…


#Afterlives: The Afterlife of Impossible Friendships

Tanja Petrovic , May 20th, 2020

“My best friend from the army was a unit officer responsible for food and supplies. His name was Đura and he was from Serbia. He was two meters…


Yugoslav Peasants Land Apollo 8

Alexandra Frankel , July 11th, 2019

Is there salad on the Moon? Down on Earth, Yugoslav peasants argued the question. On Christmas Eve 1968, Apollo 8 became the first manned spacecraft to venture around…

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