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VIRUS, un mundo por descubrir

anthropologies , July 30th, 2020

Hace ya 40 años que la comunidad científica dio por erradicada la Viruela, una enfermedad vírica que protagonizo una de las epidemias más devastadora de la historia de…


Who Should Be Concerned? Zika as an Epidemic About Mosquitoes and Women (and some reflections on COVID-19) by Luísa Reis-Castro

Luísa Reis-Castro , April 6th, 2020

For English click here. Quem deve se preocupar? Zika como uma Epidemia de Mosquitos e Mulheres (e algumas reflexões sobre o COVID-19) A nova epidemia de coronavírus, em…


A home for Sofia: Family, disability and housing in times of Zika epidemics by Barbara M. Marques

Barbara M. Marques , March 30th, 2020

For English click here. A casa de Sofia: família, deficiência e moradia nos tempos da epidemia do Zika Rumo à realização do sonho Caía uma chuva fina. Acordei…


Zika, abortion, and care: the work that falls to women beyond the epidemic

Claudia Rivera Amarillo , March 24th, 2020

Este contenido está disponible en español aquí. Feminist studies in geography, anthropology, and public health have indicated that women do more work during epidemics in terms of prevention…


Why is there Need for Long-Term Investment in the Uganda Virus Research Institute, The Home of Zika? by Julia Ross Cummiskey

Julia Ross Cummiskey , March 23rd, 2020

For Luganda click here. In early 2016, people across the United States became aware of a new threat—Zika virus. A New York Times article that April featured a…


The Invention of Infodemics: On the Outbreak of Zika and Rumors by Meg Stalcup

Meg Stalcup , March 16th, 2020

For Portuguese click here. For French click here. In December 2015, a Brazilian photographer with The Associated Press took a photo of four-month-old José Wesley being bathed in…


The mosquito struggle: other-than-vector ecologies in a ‘Zika-free’ Brazilian sertão by Túllio Dias da Silva Maia

Túllio Dias da Silva Maia , March 3rd, 2020

For English click here. A luta dos mosquitos: ecologias outras-que-vetoras num sertão “livre de zika” Em 2016, a Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) declarou a epidemia de zika…


Nourishment dilemmas: the complex science of caring for children with CZVS by Flávia Lima

Flávia Lima , February 24th, 2020

For English, click here. Dilemas alimentares: a complexa ciência de cuidar de crianças com a Síndrome Congênita do Vírus Zika Lila tem pouco mais de 20 anos, é…


The Protective Dualism: Maternal Knowledge Practices of the Zika Crisis in Puerto Rico by Holly Horan

Holly Horan , February 3rd, 2020

For Spanish click here. “So, we have had other mosquito-borne illnesses for a long time, like dengue and chikungunya, and now all of a sudden we should delay…


Head circumference by Emily Yates-Doerr

Emily Yates-Doerr , January 27th, 2020

For Spanish click here. In the early months of 2016, as global media sources incited fear among pregnant women that Zika would result in babies with small heads…


The Social Life of Metrics by Rosario García-Meza

Rosario García-Meza , January 27th, 2020

For English click here La vida social de las métricas Guatemala es uno de los países de Centroamérica que ha reportado en la última década uno de los…


Against Forgetting: Telling Stories After Zika by Eliza Williamson

Eliza Williamson , January 6th, 2020

For English click here. Contra o Esquecimento: Contando Histórias após o Zika Dois anos atrás, em um aeroporto, enquanto esperava uma conexão, recebi uma mensagem de WhatsApp de uma…


From women to women: building the state response to the Zika epidemic in Brazil by Isabele Villwock Bachtold

Isabele Villwock Bachtold , December 16th, 2019

For English, click here. De mulher para mulher: construindo a resposta do estado à epidemia de Zika no Brasil ‘Minha vida era uma antes e outra depois da…


In the search of a school for Nancy: stories of disability, inclusion and care by

Raquel Lustosa C. Alves , December 9th, 2019

Procura-se uma escola para Nancy: histórias de deficiência, inclusão e cuidados. For English, click here. Com pouco mais de três anos, chegou a hora de Nancy – a…


Histórias of Zika by Luísa Reis-Castro

Luísa Reis-Castro , December 2nd, 2019

For English click here. Era o ano de 1947. Em uma floresta chamada Zika, em Uganda, liderados pelo médico-entomologista escocês Alexander J. Haddow, pesquisadores colocaram macacos-rhesus em p…


Replacing the Lone Stranger with Evidence-Based Theory: Collaborative Fieldwork in Anthropology

Christopher Lynn , December 22nd, 2016

Drs. Michaela Howells and Christopher Lynn (author) in traditional business attire to meet with officials outside Samoan Affairs, Tutuila, American Samoa. An abridged version of this post first…

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Diseases That Don’t Fit

Elyse Bailey , July 8th, 2016

Dengue, Zika, and the Trouble with Classifications As Earth’s climate and species assemblages rapidly change, emergent zoonoses—diseases that spill over from nonhuman animal to human populations—are o…

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Public Statement on Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

Carole McGranahan , March 15th, 2016

This call to action was written by Adriana Garriga-López, Ph.D. (Kalamazoo College), and Shir Lerman, M.A., M.P.H., PhD Candidate (University of Connecticut), with Jessica Mulligan, Ph.D. (Providence …

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A forum on the Zika virus by Sudeepa Abeysinghe

Sudeepa Abeysinghe , February 17th, 2016

Zika is in the air. The beginning of 2016 has seen the world thrust into another global infectious disease crisis, fanned by the politics and fear of uncertainty…


Zika and Microcephaly: Can We Learn from History?

Ilana Löwy , January 11th, 2016

Aedes aegypti, the mosquito capable of transmitting the zika virus. Photo from Wikipedia. Brazil is facing an epidemic of a severe birth defect: microcephaly (abnormally small head size),…

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