Shai M. Dromi and Samuel D. Stabler, “Moral Minefields: How Sociologists Debate Good Science” (U Chicago Press, 2023)

Where does morality fit into contemporary social science? In Moral Minefields: How Sociologists Debate Good Science (U Chicago Press, 2023), Shai Dromi, an Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at Harvard University and Samuel Stabler Associate Teaching Professor of Sociology at Pennsylvania State University, draw on pragmatist theory to offer insights as to how sociology can avoid moral myopia and be value pluralistic. The book offers rich case studies of key fields and debates, including sociology of religion, race and inequality, nationalism and cosmopolitanism, and fertility and work, all showing how values and morals shape the practice of research. The book makes a significant contribution to both sociology and the social sciences more generally, and will be essential reading for both academics and anyone interested in the values of contemporary research.

Dave O’Brien is Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries at the University of Manchester.

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