Author: Kikelola Afolabi-Brown

Today’s Forecast: Heavy rains, rising seas, and floating bodies

Kikelola Afolabi-Brown , April 13th, 2018

  While scouring the internet for additional information for my Op-ed, I came across an article onan un usual consequence of inclement weather: floating caskets. I’ve never heard…

→Anthropological Perspectives on Death

War Crimes, Mourning, and the Quest for Closure

Kikelola Afolabi-Brown , March 9th, 2018

“A double exposure including: a) current day scene From My Lai-Quang Ngai photo by Binh-Dang and b) American ‘Huey’ helicopters during My Lai Massacre on March 16,`968 in…

→Anthropological Perspectives on Death