Author: Laura Haapio-Kirk

Understanding Covid Vaccine Resistance

Laura Haapio-Kirk , January 19th, 2022

Authors: Sheba Mohammid and Daniel Miller Right now, Trinidad and Tobago are suffering amongst the highest death rate from Covid in the world. As small islands, everyone seems…

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2021 round-up and happy new year!

Laura Haapio-Kirk , December 31st, 2021

By Danny Miller and Laura Haapio-Kirk 2021, despite its difficulties, has been a key year for the ASSA project. The high point for us was in May with…

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See you later, from the Why We Post team

Laura Haapio-Kirk , April 28th, 2017

This is our end-of-project blogpost, after five years of our ERC-funded project Why We Post. So, what has been achieved? 1) In the light of a comparative study…

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Making a MOOC: Social Dynamics and Ecological Design

Laura Haapio-Kirk , July 7th, 2016

Guest post by Sheba Mohammid, a fellow on the Why We Post project. Sheba is a PhD candidate at RMIT University in Digital Anthropology/ Media and Communications and was previously Coordinator…

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The end…not really!

Laura Haapio-Kirk , April 4th, 2016

Learner locations on Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media The first run of our free five-week e-course, We Why Post: the Anthropology of Social Media, has now come to…

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