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The Experience of Displacement and Social Engineering in Kola Saami Oral Histories

lukasallemann , October 11th, 2020

Public defence of the doctoral dissertation by blog contributor Lukas Allemann on 15 Oct 2020 Our team member and periodic blog contributor Lukas Allemann examines in his thesis…

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New Book on Sámi Educational History

lukasallemann , October 1st, 2019

“Sámi Educational History in a Comparative International Perspective” establishes an overview of Sámi education in an historical and internationally comparative perspective and e…

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Arctic youth well-being reserach project WOLLIE goes to Kola Peninsula

lukasallemann , September 6th, 2019

Last week, the mid-term meeting of our research project on youth in Arctic industrial settlements (WOLLIE) took place in Kirovsk and Revda, two mono-industrial cities in the Murmansk…

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Discussion: pros and cons of research cooperation between academia and military/security organisations

lukasallemann , August 11th, 2019

This month’s reading and discussion circle of our Arctic Anthropology team is open to all interested participants! Given the relevance of the topic for the entire academia, we…

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Воспоминания коренных жителей Севера о национальных и вспомогательных школах-интернатах – Testimonies about boarding schools among indigenous people in Russia’s North

lukasallemann , March 25th, 2018

Текст на русском языке см. ниже In this contribution, which will be mainly in Russian, I want to give the floor to the numerous voices about boarding schools…

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Who closed the border between Finland and Russia? A reply to The Independent Barents Observer

lukasallemann , May 26th, 2016

The saga about the Northern migrant route for asylum seekers wishing to reach a European country recently got a new turn: Since April 2016 the Russian-Finnish border in…

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A Memory Stick Packed With Memory – Карта памяти заполненная памятью

lukasallemann , October 19th, 2015

***Русский текст ниже*** As a major outcome of the ORHELIA project (Oral History of Empires by Elders in the Arctic), our research team is proud to present a…

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The FENOR school is over – next edition to come

lukasallemann , September 1st, 2015

The “nomadic” Ph.D. Summer School “Field Experiences in Northwest Russia” (FENOR) has been a full success After two weeks of extensive travelling and working together on different aspects…

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