Author: Meagan McGuire, CDME

How Destination Marketers can Inspire Emotion Through Storytelling; the Science Behind a Good Narrative

Meagan McGuire, CDME , April 19th, 2021

Anyone familiar with the podcast and NPR radio series, This American Life, knows that Ira Glass can tell a really good story. There is something about his slow recitation, perfectly…

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Cultivating a Destination’s Band of Brothers

Meagan McGuire, CDME , April 6th, 2021

A 2017 Destinations International (DI) policy brief states, “The devotion of members is the biggest asset to any advocacy organization, even more so than funding”. This assertion rings…

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How Louisiana’s Cultural Tradition has Transcended the Pandemic

Meagan McGuire, CDME , March 22nd, 2021

In the early Spring of 2020, Mardi Gras celebrations were not hampered by the impending pandemic. The weather was perfect; mild and comfortable. Celebrations continued throughout January and…

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6 Steps to Everyday Anthropological Research

Meagan McGuire, CDME , March 1st, 2021

Many Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) are allocating funds toward research to inform decisions on strategy. Studies often seek to understand the motivations, behaviors, interests, and …

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How a DMO Can Use Anthropological Concepts for Community Engagement

Meagan McGuire, CDME , February 2nd, 2021

Destinations International’s 2019 DestinationNext Futures Study stresses the importance of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) adopting “community-driven destination development” that aligns e…

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