Author: Michael Balter

Will the Iconic Skull of an Ancient Human Return to Zambia?

Michael Balter , February 12th, 2019

[no-caption] Trustees of the NHM The town of Kabwe sits about 70 miles north of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, as the crow flies. Just over 200,000 people live in…


Schizophrenia’s Tangled Roots

Michael Balter , July 19th, 2017

Symptoms of schizophrenia and related disorders likely arise from a perplexing interplay of social, environmental, psychological, and biological factors. Apfelsaft123/Flickr Jacqui Dillon…


The Ethical Battle Over Ancient DNA

Michael Balter , March 30th, 2017

A new controversy has arisen over recent scientific analyses conducted on ancient Native American remains that were uncovered in the 1890s at Pueblo Bonito, an archaeological site located…