Author: Olivier Morin

‘Speaking Our Minds’ Book Club

Olivier Morin , July 13th, 2015

From mid-June to mid-July 2015, the ICCI website has hosted a Book Club devoted to Thom Scott-Phillips’ book, Speaking Our Mind. The book has received positive reviews in…

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No communication without reputation, no reputation without communication

Olivier Morin , June 23rd, 2015

(This post forms part of our “book club” discussing Thom Scott-Phillip’s latest book with its author. This précis introduced the discussion.) I chose to organise an ICCI book club around…

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Social Anthropology meets “the cognitive challenge”

Olivier Morin , June 4th, 2015

Social Anthropology devotes an exciting special issue to “taking up the cognitive challenge”, edited by Rita Astuti and Denis Regnier, with contributions by (among others) Tamara Hale, Charles…

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Alberto Acerbi on cultural evolution

Olivier Morin , June 18th, 2014

Alberto Acerbi’s excellent blog hosts a noteworthy discussion of Claidière, Scott-Phillips and Sperber’s recent PTRS paper on cultural attraction. Alex Mesoudi, Thom Scott-Phillips and Dan Speber join…

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‘Big Gods’ book club #1 — Skeptical thoughts

Olivier Morin , December 8th, 2013

(This week, is hosting a “book club” webinar discussing Ara Norenzayan’s latest book with its author. This précis introduced the discussion.) I have to confess that I …

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