Author: Paige Madison

How Eating Rat Stew Serves Hobbit Research

Paige Madison , February 28th, 2020

Kamelus Nampung, one of the Manggarai people who live on the Indonesian island of Flores, cooks a giant rat. Paige Madison “Don’t forget to save every last bone!”…


Who First Buried the Dead?

Paige Madison , February 16th, 2018

The skeleton on the left is “Lucy,” an Australopithecus afarensis that is 3.2 million years old. The one on the right is a Homo naledi called “Neo,” which…


The Birth of the “Neanderthals”

Paige Madison , May 25th, 2016

When first found, “Neanderthal man” remains were thought by some scientists to be from a diseased modern human. However, upon examining the Gibraltar skull, George Busk argued that…