Author: Richard Kemeny

The Macabre and Magical Human-Canine Story

Richard Kemeny , June 29th, 2021

Researchers found this dog skull in a Czech Republic site inhabited by humans some 28,500 years ago, offering a clue to understanding the ancient story of domestication. Mietje…


Should the Story of Homo’s Dispersal Out of Africa Be Rewritten?

Richard Kemeny , September 19th, 2019

Researchers excavate in Jordan’s Zarqa Valley. Fabio Parenti Giancarlo Scardia was in Jordan in 2013 as the Syrian Civil War ground on. He recalls seeing refugees gathered in…


Fat, Not Meat, May Have Led to Bigger Hominin Brains

Richard Kemeny , March 28th, 2019

[no-caption] sodapix/Getty Images Northern Ethiopia was once home to a vast, ancient lake. Saber-toothed cats prowled around it, giant crocodiles swam within. The streams and rivers that …