Author: Rine

I’ve Never Met Anyone Like Me, But Anthropologists (Not Me) Study People Like Me, Or: What if we trans/non-binary people weren’t just your objects of study?

Rine , October 8th, 2020

cw: transphobia, mention of suicide and murder Willow, our cat. I started writing this piece in June. It was during Pride month, amidst JK Rowling’s ongoing public transphobia,…


On Gutters and Ethnography

Rine , September 25th, 2020

In a departure from more conventional communication methods in academia, I’m exploring how comics–a medium I love to read and am learning to make (thank you to my…


Guest Blogger: Rine Vieth

Rine , September 20th, 2020

Rine Vieth at CASCA/AAA 2019. Photo by Dick Powis Anthro{dendum} welcomes guest blogger Rine Vieth. Hello, Anthrodendum readers! I’m excited to be a guest blogger for Anthrodendum for…