Author: Robert Myers

What Scars Say About Sex and Stereotypes

Robert Myers , August 13th, 2020

[no-caption] Dean Krakel/Getty Images I recently noticed a curious phenomenon playing out on various television series. In Outlander, Scottish heartthrob Jamie Fraser’s back is seared wit…


“Warspeak” Puts All of Us in the Trenches

Robert Myers , August 21st, 2019

[no-caption] Complot/Shutterstock This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative Commons. In a manifesto posted online shortly before he…


That Most Dangerous, Sacred American Space, the Bathroom

Robert Myers , June 20th, 2018

Binary clarity at an Interstate comfort station. “Ladies” to the left, “Gentlemen” to the right. Courtesy Robert Myers. uncommon sense Spoiler alert: In Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, Janet Leigh…

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The Making of a Wrinkle Convert

Robert Myers , February 28th, 2017

Wrinkles can signify individuality, maturity, and other benefits of age and experience. So why do we hate them? Shaw Nielsen/SAPIENS I have had a wrinkle epiphany, prompted by…