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Art is a Movement – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , October 9th, 2018

“Money cannot be the reason why you make art. Artwork can be sold and should be sold because artists need to make a living. But they should not,…

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EPIC Evidence: with Dawn Nafus and Tye Rattenbury – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , September 19th, 2018

Exploring Evidence This Anthro Life is opening the conversation with EPIC (the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Community) on the theme of Evidence. Taking center stage at this year’s…

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Its Only an Evil Cactus if Donkeys Chase You: Ethics and Psychedelics with Hamilton Morris – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , July 23rd, 2018

When TAL first interviewed Hamilton Morris, it was shortly after he and his production team had finished season 1 of Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia. Now, Morris has completed two seasons…

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Consulting, Big Data and Social Justice w/ Dr. Tricia Wang – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , July 10th, 2018

Dr. Tricia Wang sees her work consulting as sitting at the crossroads of data and social justice. As a global tech ethnographer, Dr. Wang is obsessed with how…

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Lessons on Social Difference from an Ancient Maya City | Ryan Collins | TEDxBrandeisUniversity – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , June 1st, 2018

Hey Listeners, we wanted to share some news. As you have probably noticed, TAL has been slow to post as of late. Both Ryan and Adam have finished…

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EPIC Innovation w/ Dr. Alexandra Mack – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , June 1st, 2018

Welcome back listeners! Adam and Ryan have taken some time away as of late to finish and defend their dissertations. Now that Ryan is done, and Adam defends…

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Marching for Science w/Valorie Aquino – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , April 11th, 2018

On this episode of This Anthro Life, hosts Ryan Collins and Adam Gamwell are joined by TAL correspondent and guest host Astrid Countee and by a very special…

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On the Brink Podcast: Featuring This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , September 30th, 2017

Although TAL is just now getting back into the recording studio, you can catch up with Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins on the latest episode, Episode 28, of…

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Fall for This Anthro Life: Back in Action, New Content, and our Patreon Campaign

Ryan Collins , September 27th, 2017

Hey Listeners! Adam and Ryan are back from their brief summer hiatus (a time filled with fieldwork, dissertation writing, and travels abound) with new content, a fresh Patreon…

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Anthropology + Science Journalism = A New Genre? w/ Daniel Salas of SAPIENS

Ryan Collins , June 21st, 2017

Click here to check out the TAL + SM blog post This Anthro Life has teamed up with Savage Minds to bring you a special 5-part podcast and…

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Anthropology has Always been Out There w/ Ed Liebow and Leslie Walker of the AAA

Ryan Collins , June 14th, 2017

This Anthro Life has teamed up with Savage Minds to bring you a special 5-part podcast and blog crossover series. While thinking together as two anthropological productions that…

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New to TAL? Check out some of our favorite episodes!

Ryan Collins , October 13th, 2016

Glad you’re here! Check out some of our favorite episodes in any order and get to know the anthropological life. And, if you’re long-time listeners we hope you’ll enjoy…

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Stewardship and Heritage: Bringing Archaeology to the Public with Emily Jane Murry

Ryan Collins , May 24th, 2016

Join TAL’s Ryan Collins and Aneil Tripathy as they interview Emily Jane Murry about her work as a publicly engaged archaeologist in Northern Florida with the Florida Public…

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Faded Paint and Yellowed Photos: On, Image, Inspiration, and Memory with Javier Urcid

Ryan Collins , March 29th, 2016

How does a camera and a deep sense of curiosity lead to a lifetime of archaeological research on ancient peoples, their symbols, art, and writing? Ryan and Aneil…

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Exploring Boundaries: From Access to Female Sexworkers to the Question of Research

Ryan Collins , March 18th, 2016

When designing a research project, a researcher’s initial plans are often interrupted by what data we actually can access. Whether negotiating political structures, cultural taboos, necessary permissi…

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